Window Types

Different homes and different rooms call for diverse window styles. ABC GLASS AND MIRROR brings an array of choices to homeowners in the Northern Virginia region. If you are unsure about the type of replacement window needed, please call our office at (703)257-7150 to speak to a glazier or set up a free in-home consultation.

Double-hung window

A double-hung window is characterized by two sashes, upper and lower. Both sashes operate, and they move up or down.

Single-hung window

A single-hung window looks like a double-hung window, but only the lower section moves.

Patio door

A patio door has two or three sections of glass. One of these is the door piece and it slides open along a track.

Bay window

Bay windows extend beyond the exterior of the home. They feature three adjoining windows, with the middle one being larger than the others.

Bow window

A bow window is similar to a bay window, with some significant variations. A bow window can include 3, 4, or 5 window sections, and they are all of equal size. This style also protrudes past the house’s exterior.

Casement window

The casement window has one set of side hinges and swings outward to open. An interior crank handle is used to open a window of this style.

Slider window

Similar to a patio door, a slider window is made up of 2 or 3 in-line panels. One or more of these operates by gliding along a track.

Awning window

The awning window has several characteristics, including crank handle operation. A window in this category opens outward via hinges at the top of the unit.

Hopper window

A hopper window is set apart by the fact that it opens towards the inside by means of hinges at the bottom of the unit.

Garden window

Specialized and functional, a garden window extends beyond the outside of the structure and features an interior shelf, an angled glass "ceiling", a forward-facing panel, and casement windows on both sides.

Geometric window

If a window is not rectangular in shape, it is considered a geometric window.

Picture window

A window that is completely fixed and does not open is classified as a picture window. A window of this style includes only glass and a frame.

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