ABC GLASS AND MIRROR is pleased to offer a selection of windows created from innovative IntelliGlass. The use of modern energy-saving technology means that IntelliGlass helps keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

IntelliGlass Overview

All IntelliGlass gives you a clear view of the outdoors and allows natural light to enter while controlling glare and stopping UV rays. Each IntelliGlass system makes of use of silver Low-E coatings to stop sunlight from heating up your house in the warm months and to keep furnace heat inside your home during periods of cold weather. A double-layer coating reflects the sun’s heat away from the home and sends warm air from your heating system back into the house. IntelliGlass also features multiple-pane glass with a safe gas in the space(s) between the panes. Argon or Krypton gas is used because these harmless elements weigh more than air and thus act as more effective insulators.

Basic IntelliGlass

Basic IntelliGlass features double-pane glass with one pane that has a two-layer Low-E coating. The void between the two panels of glass is filled with argon gas.

IntelliGlass Plus

Things are stepped up a notch with IntelliGlass Plus. This triple-pane system features an additional argon-filled space and another double-layered Low-E film. These upgrades mean even better insulation and more UV ray blockage.

IntelliGlass Supreme

This system has great insulating capabilities. It is similar to the IntelliGlass Plus line, except that Krypton gas is used instead of Argon. This makes a significant difference because it is double the weight of Argon gas. To summarize, IntelliGlass Supreme consists of three panes – two of which are Low-E coated – and two Krypton-filled spaces.

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