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Reducing your energy cost can save you up to $1500 on Tax Credits. This is one simple reason why replacing your old windows with new windows are well worth the cost. In the long run they end up paying for themselves. At the same time you are helping do your part environmentally. Choosing to improve your home in Fairfax County is a big deal and we want to help you choose the perfect new windows for your home.

You want to make sure that you have your new windows measured professionally to ensure a flawless fit. You can do it yourself, but you need to be extra careful in making sure you are exact. Putting in new windows does not leave a lot of room for error. It could be a costly mistake if you do not get the measurements spot on the first time around.

You also have several choices on the types of materials you can use including vinyl, fiberglass, wood, or metal. You also have many choices on the types of new windows that are currently on the market today.

There are pretty much four common materials used and the oldest is wood. Wood is one of the best insulators, but has many disadvantages, which has lead to the use of many other materials such as vinyl. Vinyl is typically added to the wood to make a compound that boosts the strength and durability of the new window frame.

Aluminum is another material that is used to make new windows. It is a poor insulator, but in turn it is very easy to customize. Aluminum also causes condensation since it is a poor insulator. If you don’t clean up aluminum windows regularly it will result in future complications. Another common window insulator is fiberglass. It isn’t an industry standard because it is relatively expensive and there are more economical components that can be used.

Another choice you need to make is the type of new window you would like to install. You can choose from casement windows, double hung windows, awning windows, picture windows, bay windows, jalousie windows, and hopper windows.

Casement windows are especially great for energy efficiency and allow fresh air. They are great for places that are hard to reach like above the kitchen sink. They are also a great choice for energy efficiency because the windows seal tightly.

Double hung windows have excellent ventilation capabilities. These windows can be opened from top or bottom and are a great choice for kid’s rooms. They are an all around good choice for anywhere in the home.

Awning windows were produced to allow a copious amount of light and breeze into the home. They also help maintain privacy and are east to open.

Picture windows are perfect for those places that don’t need much ventilation. These windows are perfect for dark hallways and the top of rooms to allow light in.

Bay windows are great to add an open relaxing feeling to your home. They also allow directional light into the house. It also gives you a three dimensional view out of the window.

Those are just some window types that are the most common in the industry. There are many choices that come with buying new windows in Fairfax County and now you have an idea of what they are.

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