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Replacing your old windows can be a daunting task and no one likes to admit when it is time to actually replace old and out of date windows. You have many choices whether you want to update the look of your home or replace old malfunctioning window that no longer work with new windows the way that you need them to. Especially in such a place like Fairfax County, VA you need to keep up on your home because of weather conditions.

Buying new windows doesn’t have to be difficult. You just need the right information to help in making the right choice for your home. Windows are the eyes of your home; they bring you light, create space, give you visual access to the outside world, and give you ventilation. You have many styles to choose form. Here are a list of them and the pros and cons that will help you in deciding which new windows you will want in your home.

Jalousie replacement windows are a great for moderate climates that are consistent year round. Also known as a louvered window, this type of window can be made out of glass or plastic slats that are opened and closed in unison wit the use of metal clips. The window shutter is manually opened by a lever that controls how much the slats can be opened and closed. This controls how much airflow gets through the windows. These windows cannot be sealed thus being more suitable for more comfortable year round weather conditions.

Hopper Windows are popular windows for basements and is essentially a casement window placed on its side. The full windowpane is flipped purely on its side. The full pane tilts inside to open, which allows for utmost ventilation. Hopper windows are not the best to use when privacy is an issue. Also because these windows fold inward they obstruct views and cause issue with décor of the home. They are also not the best windows for use when it’s raining.

Picture Windows are best for areas in homes that don’t typically receive much light and already have efficient ventilation. Great places to install these windows are in dark halls and high up in rooms that can benefit from more light. The only downside to these windows is that these windows are purely for looks only and are vulnerable to breakage.

Bay Windows usually found in kitchens, but can be a great addition to open up space in any room of the house. Bay windows allow more light in to the house and will gives you multiple views of the outside. Replacing your regular windows with a bay window will definitely change the amount of light let in to your house and will also give your house a beautiful and unique style. Lastly, one concern with these windows is that only the side windows open and do not allow screen to be placed on them, so there are issues of insects coming in to your home.

Awning Windows were developed to deliver light and breeze. These windows are fantastic for bedrooms and other areas in the home that need to sustain privacy but allow light to come in. These windows can be cracked open to allow ventilation and can be placed in various positions to allow more or less air through the window. These windows look great when several are placed in a row and can be placed next to picture windows to give variation and a great look. The only downside to these windows is that the screens are placed on the inside of the window, which trap dirt and make it easier for it to get into your home.

Double Hung Windows have a unique style that has easy access and great ventilation capabilities. The top window or the bottom window can be opened while the other remains closed. These windows are great for children’s rooms and can go virtually anywhere in your home. The only downside is these windows tend to leak more than the other windows and they only half open unlike casement windows.

Casement Windows open completely outward and are controlled by a lever to crank the window open and closed. These windows seal tightly and are extremely energy efficient. They are an excellent choice for places that are hard to reach such as over sinks and in kitchens. Casement windows are known to be harder to open in older homes, so make sure you keep up on the maintenance on them. If the hinge becomes weak or faulty it increases your risk factor for a break in.

Weather you want new windows or need to replace your old windows completely you now know the options that are available to you. Replacing your old windows with new windows can seem like a chore in Fairfax County, but now that you have all the right information you can make your choice in confidence.

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