Why Communication Is Vital for a Successful Home Renovation in 2017

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Wednesday, March 15, 2017)

When you do an internet search for home renovation tips in 2017, you might find ideas about color schemes, trending patterns, and money saving tactics, but nothing about communication. However, good communication skills are vital for most homeowners undertaking a renovation. Why? Well, the breakdown in communication with other household members can lead to not only tension and drama, but costly alterations in the near future. However, even homeowners who live alone will need communication skills in order to clearly impart their wishes to businesses and contractors. So unless you both live on your own and plan to do all the remodeling by yourself, it is important to fine tune your communication techniques to ensure the success of your venture!

Talk to Your Spouse

Before you order a shower door with frosted glass or a vanity mirror in a particular frame, be sure to check in with the person who shares the master bath with you! A faux pas in a large fixture like a shower door is not necessarily easily forgotten or changed. Avoid a headache and expenditure in a few months by making sure you and your spouse are on the same page before you schedule the installation of a new fixture, mirror, or appliance.

Communicate with Those Who Will Be Using the Space

Likewise, it’s best to have a family meeting with your children before painting their bedrooms, purchasing their carpets, or selecting bedding. Find out what colors and styles your kiddos prefer and let this inform your decision-making process. Perhaps even more importantly, talk to your children about their organizational style prior to settling on a storage system for rooms they utilize. For instance, if your children seem to be naturally on the messy side, it will be important to veer away from organizing schemes that involve precise placement of objects or multiple steps in putting away a single item. It is better to purchase a bunch of large baskets where your kids will actually place their toys and clothes than to design a complex system of drawers and cubbies that go unused.

Clearly Express Your Design Goals to Businesses with Which You Work

The gift of clarity, as well as firmness of purpose, will be your best friends when working with those who sell the items you need for your home improvement schemes. For starters, be sure you have a clear idea of your overall goals even if you are not yet sure which specific products your desire. Be blunt about your non-negotiables including price range and choose to work with companies that are themselves clear and accurate about their products and services.

Working with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. Is a Step Toward Success in Home Renovation

Good communication can be made more achievable by working with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. While we are large enough to offer prompt customer care and a wide array of products and services, we are also a family-owned and operated company that has retained its commitment to giving every project the attention it deserves. So whether you are a homeowner ordering a single mirror or a builder ordering shower doors for an apartment complex, we offer you a free, no obligation in-home (or on-site for businesses) consultation and estimate with one of our glaziers. We remain committed to your satisfaction throughout the project and specialize in customized glass and mirror fixtures. Finally, your items will be installed by qualified teams to ensure a great look.

Call ABC today and 703-257-7150 and find out how easy it is to communicate with a business with priorities of:

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