Which Home Décor Ideas Will Be “In” and “Out” this Year?

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, March 16, 2017)

Brie Dyas of House Beautiful - shares designer insights on the home décor ideas that will be in style in 2017 as well as the looks that seem to be on their way out. Use these predictions to inspire your choices as you redecorate this year.

Rooms that Feature One Time Period Are Going Out of Style

If you want an antique or antique style sofa, this no longer means that the rest of the room needs to be adorned with items of the same kind. Period-piece type rooms are on their way out as 2017 trends favor a harmonious meld of furnishings from different eras. This dynamic is true of homes as well, as the idea that the furnishings of a whole house should align with one time period has been left by the wayside.

Steer Clear of Oversized Furniture

Another look that has lost popularity is oversized furniture. Instead, today’s home designers emphasize the importance of furniture that is scaled appropriately to the size of the room. It’s likely that some home improvers will even order custom furniture in order to achieve pieces that are perfectly balanced with the room’s dimensions.

Change the Tone of Metal Finishes

Brushed metals are being supplanted by vibrant hardware finishes “like bronze and gold” according to one designer. These gleaming metallics are known to add instant elegance to a room.

Matte Appliances Take the Lead

While the trend in hardware may be toward the glamorous and the glossy, things are moving in the opposite direction when it comes to kitchen appliances. Here, a dull matte finish is gaining popularity as it imparts simplicity and emphasizes the stark shape and clean lines of the piece. This look can serve as a visually pleasing contrast to other kitchen surfaces thereby “adding depth” to the room’s design.

Marble Gains Ground

From Pinterest to the home décor industry, marble is making its mark everywhere. Real marble is becoming a popular choice for various home surfaces, with the appearance of marble being duplicated on wallpaper, cloth, and even carpeting.

Cerused Wood Offers a New Twist on a Timeless Element

A cerused finish is one that brings out the grain pattern of the wood and this look has made its way from upscale items to the broader home décor market. Watch for this finish to become an option for “cabinets…tables, chairs, and storage furniture.”

Color Trends Are Shifting

Home décor styles are shifting in favor of “jewel tones, like emerald green or amethyst” on interior walls this year. Also predicted to be popular are nature-based pastels.

Nail Heads Will Adorn Furniture

One expert predicts that the nail heads often seen on upholstered chairs and sofas will now be used to embellish many home furnishings from cabinets to light fixtures. Some pieces will even feature designs created using nail heads.

Subway Tile Is Here to Stay

Don’t expect subway tiles to wane in popularity any time soon. These simple rectangular tiles continue to be favored by home decorators and are “classic and versatile.” The piece describes a specific application in which white subway tiles are paired with dark grout for an appealing contrast and easy to maintain look.

Go from Smart Phones to Smart Homes

Finally, the article predicts that homes will increasingly include tech-friendly features such as handy ports in which to charge phones and other devices.

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