What Are this Year’s Trends in Bathroom Design?

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, March 17, 2017)

InteriorZine’s Vania shares with us her thoughts on the bathroom design trends that will dominate 2017-2018. Even if you prefer timeless looks over changing fads, being cognizant of trending looks is helpful as you plan a bathroom remodel. 

For one thing, even if we aren’t ruled by trends they can still subtly impact what we think looks good, so knowing what styles are popular can help ensure that you’ll remain satisfied with your renovated bathroom. Additionally, an awareness of what’s trending can give us direction in decisions that might otherwise be completely random – i.e.
clear versus frosted glass shower enclosure. Finally, keeping your bathroom design up to date is a savvy move just in case you should decide to sell the home.

Now, let’s take a look at Vania’s predictions for bathroom design trends. For starters, the article emphasizes the role that organic elements will have in bathroom’s today as well as the ongoing effort to make these spaces highly practical and convenient.

Next, Vania’s piece highlights a bathroom in which bold hexagonal tile adorns the floor and then goes halfway up the walls. Vania feels that continuity like this allows the decorator to celebrate “simplicity and playfulness” simultaneously, a technique that she feels will be very popular this year.

Returning to the idea of natural, organic items, Vania points to the popularity of melding elements like natural wood with contemporary, synthetic surfaces. She believes this is a successful marriage of styles and one that we will see throughout the year.

In a highly interesting section of the piece, we find a discussion of the idea of pairing clay with water. This harkens back to ancient times when water was toted in earthen vessels, and bringing this look into the bathroom can certainly make a statement. Vania highlights a unique clay faucet by Axor WaterDream. This is a rimmed clay shelf full of water with a short open channel where the water cascades downward. It is in this freely falling running water that one would wash her or his hands in this innovative setup.

Vania goes on to suggest including green plants and wood in the bathroom design. She discusses how wood can be utilized in both traditional and unexpected ways in a bathroom setting, and its ability to be successfully paired with industrial elements is illustrated by a wood vanity with a steel top and sink.

With regard to bathroom colors, the piece foresees an ongoing rise in:

• Dark tones
• Grays
• Neutrals
• Matte paint finishes
• Brass hardware finish

In one of the featured bathrooms, the reader sees the use of a backdrop of neutrals accented by splashes of bold color.

As you seek to bring your bathroom up to speed with today’s décor trends, know that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is here to assist you with the glass and mirror needed to bring the project to completion. From the shower door to the vanity mirror and from a toilet partition to a colorful backsplash, ABC has the custom products you need to put the right finishing touches on your updated space. Call us today at 703-257-7150!


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