Wall Mirror Options for the Modern Living Room

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Wall MirrorsIf you’re looking for a wall hanging for your modern living room or working to make your space transitional, a mirror is a wonderful option. A contemporary-style wall mirror adds clean lines and simple beauty to any room while also making it look larger than it is. Let’s look at some of the many mirror options available to Northern Virginia homeowners.

Mirror Covered Wall
If you want to maximize the illusion of space, consider a mirror wall. Glaziers can cover one entire living room wall with mirror glass. Depending on the size of the wall and the dimensions of the room’s entrance, the wall might be able to be covered with a single huge mirror. Alternatively, a few large mirrors can be installed adjacent to one another to fully cover the wall. Finally, the wall could be transformed with many small square or rectangular mirrors arranged like tiles. A mirror wall will make the living room look twice the size it really is!

Beveled Mirror
Consider a beveled mirror if you’d prefer to simply hang a large mirror in your living room instead of covering a whole wall with mirror glass. On a mirror like this, there is a bevel around the perimeter. Basically, the glass around the mirror’s exterior angles down and finishes in a thin polished edge.

A beveled mirror is simple and sleek. At the same time, the bevel adds visual interest and a subtle border. Beveled mirrors bring modern elegance to a space and are a little dressier than polished edge mirrors.

Polished Edge Mirror
When you want an even more contemporary look or are seeking a wall hanging that is casual but chic, look into polished edge mirrors. These simple pieces of reflective glass are uniformly flat across their entire surface, with no border or edgework of any kind. The mirror simply ends in a machine-polished smooth edge. A polished edge mirror is a great adornment for an entryway, and a mirror like this can be used to modernize any space that could benefit from contemporary influences.

Framed Mirror
A mirror surrounded by a sleek, simple frame is another option worth considering. When you choose a frame that coordinates with the color, style, or material of other items in the room, this ties together the mirror and the rest of the décor. You can order a custom framed mirror. However, if you have a standard size mirror already in place, a mirror can probably be added to it.

Stand-off Installation
Another great possibility is a mirror installed to stand off from the wall. Spacers are used to the keep the mirror away from the surface to which it is adhered. This look is eye-catching, and you can add back-lighting for an even more dramatic effect.

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