Unplug and Connect with Family: Why Décor Choices Matter

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Home DecorIt’s becoming increasingly difficult to unplug from our many electronic devices, and this affects a family’s ability to connect. Did you realize that décor choices can make a difference? Intentionally designing your home to foster quality family time and true interpersonal connection can help you be a family that is “tuned in” to one another rather than your mobile devices.

Change the Living Room’s Focal Point
Many living rooms are designed around the TV. Often all the seating options are placed with one goal in mind: a clear view of the screen. What’s more, the TV itself is often a prominent feature or even the focal point of the space.

If you have a bonus room, consider putting the TV there. You can include comfy sofas and create a separate space for family movies, at home dinner and movie date nights, or Saturday morning cartoons. Getting the TV out of the living room makes it easy to give that room a fresh emphasis. The new focal point could be anything from a large framed mirror to a wall hanging created by a local artist.

However, if you need to keep the TV in the living room for practical reasons, take away its status as visual focal point of the space.

Possibilities include:
    •    Putting it in an attractive TV cabinet with doors.
    •    Using a screen or sliding doors to block a wall-mounted TV from sight when not in use..
    •    Add a new focal point and re-orient the room’s other furniture accordingly.

Create Tech Free Zones

We all need help following through on good resolutions like, “I will waste less time on Facebook,” or “I won’t text when someone is talking to me.” Creating tech free zones in your home can make it easier for you and other household members to detach from your mobile devices and make time for one another. This could be a basket for phones on the dining table, a ban on technology in the living room, or a place in the central living space where all the devices can be plugged in at bedtime.

Be creative and make your design in the tech free zones something that will enhance the home’s visual appeal. For instance, use an attractive lidded basket on the dining table, paint a cute sign designating the living room a tech-free space, or camouflage the plug-in station and make it a piece of modern art.

Foster Relaxation and Conversation
Beyond eliminating some screen time, your plan to disconnect from devices and reconnect with your family should involve creating spaces that foster real relaxation and meaningful conversation.

Here are a few ways to integrate this goal into your decorating scheme.

    •    Arrange seats in cozy groups rather than lining them up in front of the TV.
    •    Pay attention to details like lighting and the meaning of colors and ensure that these aspects of your space are inviting.
    •    Use natural beauty to make your rooms more calming and beautiful. This can take the form of bouquets of fresh flowers, potted plants, or décor items made of natural wood.
    •    Keep your living space relatively tidy and clutter free. Having glass shelves installed or adding a storage cabinet can help.

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