Unique Wall-Hangings: Decorate with Picture Frames and Items You Own

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Unique Wall HangingsDecorate with picture frames and items you already own and then beautify your home with these special wall hangings! There are tons of possibilities, so use the ideas here as a starting point and them put your own creativity to work.

1. Frame a mirror.
A framed mirror is a lovely and functional wall hanging. You can order a custom framed mirror from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc., and ReadyFrames can be added to many standard-sized mirrors. However, if you want a free alternative, see if you have a frame that will fit a piece of mirror glass you already own.

2. Frame photos.
Most of us have hundreds or even thousands of photos stored on our smart phones. Select 10-12 to print, frame, and feature on a gallery wall. Ideas include:
   •    Looking for photos that feature one particular color that harmonizes with your décor.
   •    Choosing a variety of photos and using the same filter on all of them.
   •    Ordering the photos in black and white.

3. Frame cutouts from favorite pieces of clothing.
This could be the front of your baby’s first Onesie, the pocket of a pair of jeans, or a funny slogan from an old T-shirt. Look through your drawers and closets with an eye for what would look good in a frame.

4. Make and frame collages.

These make great gifts for your kids and cute, memorable wall-hangings for their rooms. Possible themes include:

   •    Photos, receipts, and postcards from a vacation.
   •    Pictures, newspaper clippings, and ribbons from a sports season.
   •    Various magazine photos of a favorite animal.

5. Frame items from nature.
Websites like Etsy provide tons of ideas for a project like this. All you really need are frames, backdrops (felt, matting, thin panels of wood, etc.), hot glue, and items such as pebbles, twigs, or waxed leaves. You can create pictures, abstract designs, or simply feature a single item such as a large oak leaf. These wall hangings will instantly add visual interest to your space.

6. Frame anything flat!
The most unique wall hangings are created when we think outside the box. Try framing items like the following:

   •    Old book jackets or covers.
   •    Pieces of curtains or upholstery off old cushions.
   •    A sweet letter from your child or godchild.
   •    A map cut from an old car atlas.
   •    An illustrated page from an old encyclopedia or dictionary.

7. Frame your own photos of scenery or old buildings.
If you enjoy taking pictures, create an original set of nature themed photos. Theme ideas include wildflowers, garden vegetables, trees, or leaves. Alternatively, you can drive around and take pictures of your town’s most decrepit buildings. Order them in sepia or black and white, and they will become quaint structures instead of eyesores!

ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. of Manassas Park offers items that can be useful for your framing project. Perhaps you have a lovely frame but no mirror that fits it – you can order a custom mirror from us. We also offer durable glass alternatives, so consider using Lexan or Plexiglas instead of real glass for wall-hangings that will go in children’s rooms. Learn more by calling 703-257-7150 and speaking with one of our in-house glazing specialists!

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