Shower Door Myths: Separate Fact from Fiction

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, January 12, 2017)

Glass shower doors have to be dried after each use, fact or fiction? This is actually a fact in many cases, but it may not have to be. If you order ShowerGuard glass or have your new shower enclosure treated with long-lasting EnduroShield, you may be able to forego drying the glass after each shower. Unless the water in your area is very problematic – high silica content, for instance – you’ll likely be able to get the squeegee out of your bathroom. 

A glass enclosure seals up like an aquarium, fact or fiction? We probably all wish this were true, but it is not. While a quality 
custom shower door will seal up well and provide a trustworthy barrier to water droplets, it is not a big glass aquarium. Always avoid placing shower jets where they will spray at a seam or gap in the enclosure. In fact, correct placement of all shower sprays is one of the many elements necessary for successfully designing a custom shower stall.

Building codes ban shower doors that swing inward, fact or fiction? As a matter fact, shower doors may legally swing inward. However, there is a catch. All shower doors must be able to open outward, even if they can also be pushed inward toward the interior of the enclosure. This does give you more flexibility if you are seeking to add swinging shower doors to a compact bathroom, but when clearance around the shower entrance is an issue, it’s probably best to select a frameless slider or a bypass door system.

All glass shower doors are extremely expensive, fact or fiction? In the end, whether this is fact or fiction depends on one’s budget and one’s definition of “extremely expensive.” However, it is important to know that there are ways to reduce the cost of a glass shower enclosure. Obviously, you can select a unit with fewer “bells and whistles.” In addition, framed enclosures are constructed from thinner glazing than what is needed to safely build a frameless or semi-frameless stall.

This thinner glass is cheaper, a savings that is passed onto the consumer to make framed shower doors a budget-friendly option.

The shower enclosure will mar the view of my high-end tile in the shower area, fact or fiction? This can be fiction if you opt for clear glass and a frameless design. A shower enclosure like this will keep your tile in plain view while highlighting it with the unique beauty of glass. If you want an even clearer view, select ultra-clear glass with reduced iron content. The shower enclosure can actually help you show off your trendy tile thanks to today’s innovative options.

My grimy shower glass should be scrubbed clean with a scratcher pad and the harshest cleaning agents I can find, fact or fiction? This one is definitely fiction, as use of abrasives or harsh chemicals can permanently damage shower glass. You want to stay far away from these and clean your glass with gentle, approved cleaning agents and a soft cloth or sponge. Following the instructions for glass care and using a glass protectant can keep the door from getting filthy in the first place.

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