Quick Home Improvement Projects for 2017

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, January 05, 2017)

Quick Home Improvement ProjectsDo you have plenty of home improvement fever but lack the time and funds for a substantial renovation in 2017? Instead, tackle one or more of these quick but rewarding home improvement projects and enjoy more pleasant living space.

1. Paint the front door.
This is quick and inexpensive, but it can drastically change the first impression made by your home. Think carefully about the effect you wish to create before selecting the paint color for your front door. You could make a bold, bright statement with a shade like lime green or sunshine yellow. Alternatively, you could opt for rich elegance with a deep purple or forest green. Finally, even a neutral like black or gray could improve the appearance of the entrance your house.

2. Rearrange the furniture in your main living space.
Move things around to create a fresh look without spending a dime. Some principles to keep in mind as you rearrange are:
   •  Avoid pushing chairs and sofas right up to the wall.
   •  Make sure the arrangement fosters conversation.
   •  Allow traffic to flow smoothly from one area to the next.
   •  Keep things interesting by placing items of various heights in the same room.
   •  Give your favorite pieces the most visibility.
   •  Create focal points with interesting and lovely items and fixtures.

3. Clean all the glass in your home.
This might not sound like fun, but you’ll love the results and may be surprised at what a difference clean glass can make. Use this handy checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything:
    - Glass shower doors and enclosures.
    - Wall mirrors, vanity mirrors, and framed mirrors.
    - Glass shelves and glass tabletops.
    - Window glass.
    - Glass partitions.
    - Cabinet glass.
    - Glass backsplashes.
    - Glass lighting globes.
    - Glass sinks.

Be sure to follow manufacturers’ instructions on care and cleaning of your various glass fixtures. For shower glass, for example, it is very important to avoid harsh cleaners or abrasive materials.

4. Introduce a new color into your décor.
Changing up your color scheme does not have to be a massive undertaking. Simply visit a home improvement store or discount outlet and purchase several items in the new hue. Great options include throws, area rugs, accent pillows, picture frames, vases, and wall hangings.

Another way to add a color is via paint. If you don’t have time to repaint walls, consider repainting trim or maybe the wooden legs of your tables and/or chairs. Even picture frames and crates can be painted and turned into lovely décor accents.

5. Bring more of nature into your living space.
One of the best ways to freshen a space is by bringing in nature. In fact a number of natural and nature-inspired items are very much in style so this move can also update your look. From live edge tables to natural stone tiles to living walls, there are quite a few modern décor trends that put nature’s beauty to work in your home.

When your home improvement endeavors include the need for glass – whether it is replacement glass for a chipped window, a larger vanity mirror for the master bath, or some other glass fixture – you can count on ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. for high-end products, careful installation by trained crews, and a strong commitment to customer service. It’s easy to learn more by calling our shop at 703-257-7150.

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