How to Keep Up with Design Trends in 2017

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Interior Design Trends in 2017What will 2017 design trends look like? An internet search will reveal a number of intriguing predictions, but we’d like to share some ideas for how to renovate your home in such a way that your décor investments will remain timely no matter what 2017 throws our way.

A Remodeling Philosophy for Success
What role should 2017 design trends have in your renovation? If you want to remodel and then be able to enjoy your improved living space for years, consider being guided by the following ideas:
   •  For expensive, hard to change fixtures, opt for what is timeless and versatile for the most part.
   •  When you decide to invest in a trending look, try to pick a trend that seems likely to wear well and remain tasteful even when it’s no longer the latest fad.
   •  Ensure that your freshly remodeled home is stylish by bringing in less expensive trending items.

Make Your Bathroom a Palette for 2017 Trends
Let’s take a look at how the above philosophy could inform your decisions when renovating the master bathroom.
   •  Design a clear frameless shower enclosure. This look is in style today, but it is also very versatile since it features a classic, simple material: clear glass.
   •  When it comes to tile, do some research into what options will be hot in 2017. Integrate these into your shower, floor, backsplash, or walls. However, from among the forecasted 2017 tile trends, pick one that will match changing color schemes and bathroom themes as time goes on.
   •  Ensure that your refurbished bathroom is up-to-date by letting 2017 design trends inform your choices of towels, rugs, window treatments, soap dishes, and so forth.

Be Savvy about Color Choices
Repainting is cheaper and easier than replacing items like flooring or kitchen cabinets. Depending on how you feel about painting projects, you might wish to drench some rooms in today’s hottest shades. However, if you’d like to put off repainting as long as possible, consider using trending neutrals and bringing in bolder color fads by way of the frames around your pictures or wall mirrors. Remember that the most important consideration in color choice is whether you like it.

Living Room Makeover 2017
What’s a good approach to incorporating 2017 home design trends in the living room? When you begin your living room makeover, ascertain what needs to be replaced. Consider choosing classic materials and items for any large fixtures like flooring that are being replaced – hardwood is a good example. It can also be wise to choose something timeless for your large sofa. Than bring in a more daring modern look with side chairs or even accent pillows.

Remember that you can even combine multiple approaches; for instance, install classic glass shelving and change the accent items displayed on the shelves as design trends evolve.

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