Home Makeover: 5 Tips for Quickly Updating Your Living Space

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, December 02, 2016)

Home MakeoverDo you lack the time and money needed for a full home renovation? Try a makeover instead and quickly update your living space. Tips from us can help, but be sure to let your own creativity flourish as you transform your home’s interior without a lot of expense.

1. Rearrange What You Already Have
Give a room a fresh look without spending a dime by rearranging the furniture. This may involve correcting mistakes by pulling pieces away from the wall or by moving an item that has been impeding traffic flow. You can also add interest and appeal to your living room by placing chairs and sofas close enough to each other to foster conversation. Even small changes in furniture arrangement can give the space a sense of newness.

2. Introduce a New Color
To update living space that has fallen behind the times, consider adding a trending color. Do a bit of research and find a color that is both “in” and appealing to you. Then, integrate this color into the room via inexpensive additions.

Possibilities include:
   •    Wall hangings that highlight the selected color.
   •    A table runner in the trendy shade.
   •    Accent pillows, throws, or small rugs in the chosen hue.

3. Add Glass
Integrating glass elements into a room can modernize and improve it. Hanging a wall mirror or framed mirror, for example, not only gives you a new wall hanging but can even make the space look bigger than it is. Glass can also be added to an existing piece of furniture such as a hutch; cabinet glass can replace your current cabinet fronts, and glass shelves can take the place of sagging shelves.

Glass shelving can also be installed directly on your wall to create an open storage solution that is in line with today’s trends. The shelves themselves feature appealing clean lines and the sheen of glass, and they also allow you to attractively store items or to showcase collectibles and heirlooms.

4. Simplify
Today’s designers value streamlined looks, modern elements, and clean lines. Decluttering your space can improve its visual impact and allow your other changes to really shine.

Ideas for a decluttering project include:

   •    Involve the whole family and see who can collect the most items to donate to a local charity.
   •    Plan a garage sale with a friend and try to make a few dollars while simplifying your living space.
   •    Start cycling toys, décor accents, etc. by season.

5. Replace Your Window Treatments
New window treatments can impact a room in number of ways. For one thing, they provide the perfect opportunity for bringing in a new color or pattern. Moreover, the choice of window treatments can affect the lighting in the room. You can choose to let in more light with sheer drapery, or you can make a bedroom more sleep-friendly with light blocking panels.

Furthermore, a variety of possibilities exist in the world of window treatments:

   •    Drapes
   •    Valances
   •    Blinds
   •    Indoor shutters
   •    Creative looks such as bead curtains

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