New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

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Home ImprovementShouldn’t you have some New Year’s resolutions for the place you spend most of your time? Make your home inviting and welcoming with a few home improvement and home décor ideas for the New Year.  January 1st is a wonderful time to reflect on the past year while setting goals for the new one.  Just like personal resolutions that we set for ourselves, we can also set goals for home improvement.

And just like with our individual plans, sometimes our ambitions with home improvements are too lofty.  The most life changing personal goals are those small ones that we keep up with and maintain.  There are many small, relatively inexpensive things that we can do to our homes that will also have a big, lasting impact.  There are simple to-dos for your home that can make you happier by making things look fresher and more organized. 

Let’s talk about a few resolutions in home improvement projects that won’t take a ton of time or money:

   •   Paint - There is nothing that is less expensive and has more of an impact than a fresh coat of color and/or design.
   •   Mirrors - Add a simple framed mirror with a vintage frame, or you can choose a beveled mirror.  If those options don’t appeal to you add a larger mirror to ensure a brighter, bigger looking space.
   •   Glass shelving - Shelving is a great way to organize your home without breaking the bank.  You can choose to put glass shelving anywhere in your home.  It adds a nice space for displaying items in your living space.  Adding shelving is also a great place to store towels and toiletries in a bathroom.  Where ever you need storage, glass shelving can be installed.
   •   Glass shower doors - Glass shower doors can be a little more of an investment, but there are beautiful doors available for every budget.  The visual impact coupled with the functionality of a glass shower enclosure is an improvement with an amazing effect on the entire look and feel of the bathroom.

There are many projects that are left undone throughout the year and if we don’t really put our minds to do them…they don’t get done.  So don’t tell yourself that the only option is to go all in…such as gutting an entire bathroom.  Sometimes those grandiose objectives become too big and begin to seem unattainable, especially as the year quickly progresses.  Take a moment and remember that there are ways to make vast improvements while not breaking your wallet and forcing you to invest all of your spare time. 

Instead of gutting and completely remodeling your bathroom consider using some of the suggestions from the above list: give it a fresh coat of paint, add a new vanity mirror, some glass shelving and then have your custom glass shower doors installed.  These economical improvements will make your bathroom feel like you finished a remodel.

These suggestions (other than the shower door) are not limited to your bathroom, you can incorporate most of the ideas into all the different areas of your home.

The New Year allows us to shake off the woes of the past year and look forward to starting anew.  As individuals we choose personal resolutions each year to have a better quality of life.  In turn, we might want to consider having some New Year’s Resolutions for our homes.  Many of the ideas noted will give your home new life. 

Your home improvement resolutions will also spill over into your personal resolution by making you happier when you come home, thus, improving the way you feel. These small home improvements will help your home look and function better without the investment of a lot of time or money.

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