Glass Shower Options for Today’s Homeowner

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Glass Shower DoorsA homeowner who’s ready to upgrade to a glass shower has tons of options in today’s market. The shower glass can be customized to individual needs and preferences, so there’s no need to settle for a less than ideal enclosure.

Glass Types
Most modern shower doors and enclosures are built from tempered glass. This durable glass is less hazardous if broken, and it is the typical choice for shower glass. In situations with special safety concerns, laminated glass can be used in its place. This is comprised of two sheets of glass adhered to a middle layer of transparent vinyl. Even if broken, a panel of laminated glass will remain intact.

Glass Looks
In addition to these two choices, there are a wide variety of looks offered for tempered glass. In addition to classic clear, ultra-clear glass with reduced iron content is available. You can also opt for transparent glass with a bronze or gray tint.

Moving into the realm of privacy glass, a popular choice is frosted glass. To create this look, acid is applied to the surface of the glass and allowed to permanently etch it. The glazing can be uniformly frosty, or the etching can be in the form of a design.

Another common type of privacy glass is patterned glass. This features a textured pattern on the surface of the glass and is available in looks ranging from simple and subtle to highly distinctive plant themed patterns.
Finally, cast glass is a relatively new option. This glass is formed in a mold and sports a highly textured surface and very dramatic look.

Your choice of glass should be informed by both your aesthetic preferences and practical considerations. Does the shower enclosure need to be private? Do you want to keep expensive tile-work visible? Do you want a bold trendy look, or something more timeless?

Clear and frosted glass both offer versatile appearances that will look good with many different themes and décor schemes. If you like to change up your bathroom décor from time to time, consider clear, ultra-clear, or frosted glass.
Simple patterns also showcase an understated look and will blend well with many décor styles. More distinctive patterns tend to bespeak a specific look such as modern or vintage.

Door Types
Your three fundamental options for door types are swinging, bypass, and frameless slider. Many homeowners favor the look of a swinging door or set of swinging doors. Their style is certainly high-end, and with appropriate vinyl seals they do a good job of water containment. However, a potential concern with swinging doors is clearance. Building codes stipulate that a swinging shower door must be able to open outward, even if it can also open inward. So before you get your heart set on swinging shower doors, make sure you have enough open space around the enclosure for them to open safely and conveniently.

Bypass doors are highly space efficient since they slide open. On a bypass unit you will have two door panels in parallel tracks. These are typically semi-frameless installations with frameless door panels and a frame around the perimeter of the enclosure as a whole.

Frameless sliders represent the shower door industry’s effort to merge the visual appeal of a frameless glass enclosure with the space friendly characteristics of bypass doors. On these units, there is one sliding door panel beside a fixed glass wall. The door panel glides along a rod or other apparatus, and the enclosure remains frameless.

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