Get Your Windows and Patio Doors Ready for Summer 2017

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, July 28, 2017)

Sliding DoorAs we head into summer, make sure your windows and patio doors are ready for use. Whether you’re opening windows to enjoy a cooling breeze in the evening or going through your patio doors over and over for a cookout, you want these fixtures to be safe, convenient to use, and in good working order. If problems have been overlooked, neglected, or worked around, now is a great time to take stock of the situation and make the needed repairs and replacements.

Some window concerns can be economically addressed through the simple replacement of the problematic piece or pieces of glass. Often known as replacement units, new sheets of double pane glass can save you from the cost of a full window replacement in many instances. If you’re dealing with:

• cracked glass
• chipped glass
• fogged glass
• shattered glass

Today’s chances are the problem can be solved by replacing the damaged pane or panes. replacement glass options include high-performance features like 
Low-E coatings to reflect heat and argon gas between the panes to make the window a better insulator. Glaziers can typically find replacement glass that matches the style and thickness of the other glazing in the window so that the new glass blends in effortlessly.

At times, though, a window issue goes deeper than a damaged piece of glass. You might be dealing with more substantial window problems such as draftiness or windows that have been painted shut. If it’s time for replacement windows, know that this is a great opportunity to boost your home’s beauty and energy-friendliness. You can choose double pane windows with the Energy Star label knowing that these will be an energy efficient addition to your home. Alternatively, if you want the windows to have even greater insulating capabilities, you can move up to units that meet the higher R-5 standards.

Replacement window options from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. are varied. We can replace windows of just about any style you can think of, and glass is available with impressive features such as triple panes and krypton gas between panes. Working with ABC to replace your windows gives you professional assistance in every step of the project.

As you take care of your home’s window needs, don’t overlook your patio doors! These are a key aspect of enjoying outdoor living space in the warm months, so you want to ensure that they’re able to do their jobs. Like windows, patio doors can have issues that can be resolved by just replacing glass. ABC can replace the large sheets of double pane glass typically used for patio door applications. If, however, you have a patio door comprised of many small pieces of single pane glass, we can offer replacement glass for this as well. Finally, some of the patio doors in your home may need to be fully replaced, and we can help there, too, with our line of energy-efficient patio doors.

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