Cut Down on Bathroom Drama with a Kids’ Bathroom Upgrade

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Bathroom RemodelingCould a kids’ bathroom upgrade help cut down on drama in your house? From arguments about whose turn it is to use the bathroom to squabbles about why the space is so messy, bathroom drama is sure to disrupt daily life and make blood pressure rise.

Make the space functional for more than one user.
Adding shower doors made from frosted privacy glass can make it possible for one sister to brush her teeth while the other showers and so forth. Also, frosted glass can be used to create a privacy partition. This can be of practical benefit in a kids’ bathroom in a few different ways.
   •    Partitioning the toilet makes it feasible for two siblings to use different parts of the bathroom simultaneously.
   •    A large partition can divide the room into two separate spaces perfect for multiple users.

Another way to approach this is by fitting the shower with frosted glass. When you select shower doors made from privacy glass, one child can brush teeth or fix hair while another showers. Some popular door designs are:

   •    Inline door and panel.
   •    Bypass doors.
   •    Frameless sliders.
   •    Double swinging doors.
   •    Single swinging door.

Add more useful fixtures.
If space allows, add a larger vanity with double sinks. This will cut down on sibling arguments and enhance convenience and functionality. If you do this, be sure to replace the vanity mirror, too. Either add one large wall mirror that spans the entire vanity length or hang a separate mirror over each sink. Mirror choices include:

   •    Framed mirrors.
   •    Polished edge mirrors.
   •    Beveled mirrors.
   •    Custom mirror shapes.
   •    Stand-out installation.

Redecorate and encourage kids to take pride in the space.
Improving the aesthetics of the kids’ bathroom can give them a boost of motivation to keep the space clean and tidy. You can give the room a new look by repainting, replacing the towels and rugs, and adding a few stylish knick-knacks. Choose colors that will not stain easily and that your children like.

Make the space easier to maintain.
Adding storage solutions and choosing durable surfaces make it easier for your children to succeed in keeping their bathroom tidy and hygienic. Ideas include:

   •    Add glass shelves. These are attractive on their own and provide a sturdy and useful surface on which to store everything from extra towels to bottles of shampoo and conditioner.
   •    Provide easy ways to get clutter off the floor such as bins and baskets.
   •    Install plenty of robe hooks and towel bars.

Make ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. your partner in improving your kids’ bathroom.
You can count on ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. to deliver and install the quality custom glass and mirror needed to make your kids’ bathroom more attractive and user-friendly. Our knowledgeable glaziers can help you find the right products for your situation by answering questions and providing product data.

Call our shop in Manassas Park, VA at 703-257-7150 and speak to an in-house expert or schedule a free consultation and estimate in the comfort of your home. With ABC on your team it’s easy to add elegant glass to a bathroom!

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