6 Home D├ęcor Mistakes and How to Correct Them

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home decor mistakesCommon home décor mistakes can drag down the look and feel of your living space, but it’s sometimes easy to correct them without a high cost in time or money. Here are 6 frequent decorating faux pas and ideas for setting them right.

Holding onto a dated look:
Did something you’ve always loved come into style awhile back? Have you inadvertently held onto this color, theme, or design long after it has been replaced by another style?

Obviously, this can be corrected by replacing an item or repainting some walls. 

However, if you don’t have the time and/or funds for a change on this scale, here are some quick fixes:

    •  Refurbish an out-of-style sofa by draping a stylish throw over the back and embellishing it with throw pillows that showcase trending colors, patterns, and materials.
    •  Draw attention away from the walls themselves by adding a framed mirror and a new piece of wall art.
    •  Add a couple modern elements to the space such as an industrial style chandelier or a natural edge coffee table.

Putting too many disparate elements into one space:
Eclectic looks are actually in style, but without a unifying aspect, a completely mismatched room will look just that – mismatched! In a space like this, it’s necessary to find a way to tie together the various pieces from different eras and of different styles. Introduce a color, theme, or pattern and associate it with the diverse items in the room. For example, you could add gray slipcovers to your chairs and adorn the couch with accent pillows with gray and white patterns.

Knick-knack overload:
Going overboard on bling or displaying every accent item you’ve ever purchased can result in a room that looks cluttered and feels hectic. Pick through your knick-knack collection and display only those items that enhance the look and feel you’re striving to create. Store or donate everything else! If you still find that you have more items than you can tastefully display on the available surfaces, it might be time to add a glass shelf.

Everything matches:
The totally matched rooms of the 80s and 90s definitely look dated in today’s décor world that values a lived-in vibe. An overly matching bedroom can be improved by replacing a few pieces – maybe the pillow shams, bed skirt, and curtain ties. Similarly, a perfectly coordinated living room will add warmth and visual interest when you add a few unique pieces purchased from your local thrift store or flea market.

The impractical design:
Did you choose a décor mode that conflicts with your lifestyle? Are your children banned from the living room and dining room? Are you unable to invite guests to your home because there’s not enough seating? If one or more rooms has become a hassle instead of a haven, think about what changes are needed to make it more functional.

 Possibilities include:
   •  Scaling back on the number of fragile items.
   •  Replacing purely decorative pieces with seating options.
   •  Decluttering walkways and improving traffic flow.

Making something fit:
At times a homeowner is so set on having a particular fixture or piece of furniture that she or he tries in vain to “make” it work. When this happens, it’s best to recognize the goof and replace the piece as soon as possible. This could mean having a sliding shower door take the place of a swinging door that hits the vanity when it opens. Or it could mean moving a huge sectional down to the basement game room and buying one that is proportional to your living room.

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