5 Ways Glass Can Refresh Your Home Design in 2017

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, March 09, 2017)

Keep the New Year bright by improving your home design with glass in 2017! Refresh and beautify various spaces by adding tasteful sheets of mirror or glass. From the bathroom to the living room, glass and mirror offer the sparkling elegance that is needed to update your home's look.

1. Make your morning routine more convenient with a master bath vanity mirror upgrade. 

Is one of your 
New Year's resolutions to get to work on time? Make it easier to prepare for the day efficiently by ensuring that you and your spouse have sufficient vanity mirror space in the master bath. If you have a double vanity, possibilities to consider include:

     Two nice sized mirrors – “his” and “hers.”
     A large wall mirror that fully covers the wall behind the vanity counter.

    On the other hand, if you have a single vanity, further upgrades may be indicated. Do you have room to add a double vanity? If so, it might be time to make this improvement. If not, perhaps you could add a separate makeup station, complete with miniature vanity, stool, and mirror.

    2. Solve organizational issues with the help of glass shelves.

    Is a room in your house plagued by clutter and messiness? With the assistance of glass shelving you can organize and beautify this space simultaneously. First, you can choose the type of glass used for the shelves – clear, frosted, or tinted. Next, you select the brackets or other hanging system for the shelves, and finally you determine the dimensions and placement of the new shelves. Thus, the shelves themselves are customized wall adornments, but they also allow you to eliminate the clutter on the room’s other surfaces. Depending on what you need to store, it can be helpful to stock the shelves with attractive baskets and bins where you can stash your items.

    3. Cover a wall with Dreamwalls back-painted glass.

    Dreamwalls glass is low-iron glass with paint and a protective layer applied to one side. The hue of the paint is vibrantly visible through the ultra-clear glass for a look that unites your color of choice with the simple beauty of glass. Covering a wall or part of a wall with Dreamwalls glass will instantly give a room the sleek contemporary look that is popular in 2017. Not only is Dreamwalls glass a lovely wall ornament, but it is easier to clean and sanitize than drywall. This means that one favorite application is a backsplash made from Dreamwalls glass. Additionally, white Dreamwalls glass can function as a trendy whiteboard in your home office, homeschool room, or another space.

    4. Create a home spa experience with a steam shower.

    Steam showers won’t have to be treats reserved for trips to the spa when you add one to your master bath. In addition to the steam shower apparatus itself, you’ll need an enclosure that can hold up to warm, humid air conditions. A frameless glass shower enclosure is the perfect complement to the relaxing experience of a steam shower in the comfort of your home. Your customized steam enclosure will fully seal up to enclose the steam and will include an operable transom for personalized humidity control.

    5. Put a glass partition to work in  your home.

    Is there a space in your home where more privacy is desirable? Perhaps a bathroom shared by two siblings could benefit from a shower enclosure made of frosted glass. Or maybe it’s time to take the master bath to the next level with a sheet of privacy glass that obscures the view of the toilet. Glass partitions can add privacy to a space with minimal reduction of the room’s open ambience. They also impart modern vibes to rooms in need of an update, so consider adding one to your house to boost its functionality and visual appeal.

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