5 Glass Fixtures Modern Homeowners Will Love

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5 Glass Fixtures Modern Homeowners Will LoveCheck out these 5 modern glass fixtures that allow today’s homeowners to easily add elegance and charm to any space. If any of these ideas appeal to you, it’s easy to get the information you need to make an informed purchase decision. Just call ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150 and speak with an in-house glazier or make an appointment for a consultation and estimate in the comfort of your home.

A Backsplash Made of Dreamwalls Glass
Think beyond traditional choices like tile when considering backsplash options for your renovated kitchen or bathroom. Dreamwalls glass is low iron glass with paint (in your choice of color) applied to the back along with a protective coating. The color in the paint shines vibrantly through the ultra-clear glass leaving you with a surface that melds your selected hue with the unique beauty of glass.

Strips of Dreamwalls glass can be used to create a sleek, smooth backsplash. A seamless or nearly seamless look is possible and sometimes preferred by homeowners. However, you can also add a number of small tile-like pieces of Dreamwalls glass in one or more hues. These can be utilized to create a radiant mosaic.

Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures
Adding a frameless glass shower enclosure to a bathroom is arguably the most effective way to give the space modern charm. Frameless enclosures are made from thick tempered glass, and they are characterized by frame-free glass edges. On a frameless unit glass takes center stage. Very little metal is present – only small clips and hinges – which makes the shower look open and roomy.

Replacement Glass for Patio Doors
If your patio door has glass issues, you’ll be glad to know that you may not need to replace it. If a glass panel on your patio door is fogged, chipped, or cracked, a glazier may be able to remove it and put a replacement unit in its place. Replacement units can be double paned or single paned as needed to match the other glass in the door. Double pane replacement glass can even include insulating argon gas between the panes and reflective Low-E coatings.

Shelves Made of Glass
Glass shelving gives home owners reason to rejoice because it allows them to achieve multiple goals simultaneously. Glass shelving can be clear, frosted, or tinted, and the choices for brackets and hanging systems are numerous. This means that the shelving itself can be harmonized with your décor and function as a wall ornament. At the same time, it’s the perfect venue for stylish storage. Line the shelves with books in the living room, rolled towels in the bathroom, or grandma’s china in the dining room! Finally, glass shelving is also an ideal stage on which to display your favorite items such as collections, heirlooms, or art.

Ready Frame
Ready Frame is not a glass fixture but a way to adorn an existing mirror. By partnering with MirrorMate, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can add lovely frames to most standard mirrors already affixed to your walls. This means that if your entryway mirror, vanity mirror, or other small wall mirror could benefit from the addition of a frame, you can achieve this look without replacing the mirror itself.

Discover all the decor possibilities offered by glass and mirror by calling ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. at 703-257-7150 and make an appointment for an in-home consultation and quote!

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