2017 Kitchen Design Trends Can Inspire Your Renovation

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, June 23, 2017)

2017 Kitchen Design TrendsWondering what’s “in” as you plan a kitchen renovation? 

Apartment Therapy’s Dabney Frake - explores design trends likely to make their mark in 2017.

For starters, Frake believes that 2017 kitchen surfaces will move toward warmth and subtlety and away from high gloss. This will take the form of appliances with a matte finish, plaster walls, and duller metallics. What does this mean for your kitchen remodel? Opt for surfaces with a richness that adds depth to the room and be cautious about extra-shiny elements.

Are popular kitchen neutrals shifting? Frake says “yes” and forecasts “bruised greens, toasted reds, and washed blues” in 2017 kitchen designs. So if you’ve been wanting more color in your kitchen, this might be the year to take the plunge! However, keep in mind that the trending shades will be defined by earthy undertones that give them a “grounded” look.

Simple kitchens from the past will also inspire us in 2017. Look to British, country, and Shaker kitchens for lessons in beauty that is simple, functional, and real.

In a similar vein, natural materials will continue to gain popularity as people seek sustainable, earth-friendly decorating choices. Expect “wood, wicker, cork, and clay” to be sought by kitchen remodelers in 2017.

How do trend predictions help with my remodeling?

What might these trends predicted by Frake’s article mean for your kitchen renovation plans? While you can certainly integrate popular looks, it’s vital to remember that the remodeled kitchen needs to be a space you enjoy being in. Here are some suggestions for ways to be inspired by these trends without being ruled by them.

• Select metals you like and paint colors you like, but opt for brushed and matte finishes rather than polished and glossy.
• As you look at a paint color you like, consider the shade that is somewhat muted by an earthy undertone rather than the one that is a bold explosion of color.
• Browse photos of country-style, British, and Shaker kitchens and look for aspects of these spaces that you like and would want to integrate into your remodeled kitchen.
• Choose to highlight the natural materials you are already utilizing in the kitchen. For instance, wood cabinets could be stained and varnished rather than painted.

Can glass from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. play a part in this kitchen update?

Popular kitchen glass products can be harmoniously paired with these trending looks. For instance, frosted cabinet glass can preserve the nostalgic feel of a kitchen that hearkens back to simpler times. Even a modern product such as a back-painted glass backsplash can be tailored to 2017’s hottest styles. These are available in any custom shade you choose – so feel free to pick an earthy red or green. It’s also fun to think outside the box and include a surprising element such as a small wall mirror in a wooden or old-fashioned frame.

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