10 Amazing Remodeling Ideas

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Sunday, December 04, 2016)

Home RemodelingCheck out our 10 remodeling ideas and start making your house more amazing than ever!

1.    Look for cheap updates you can make today.
The best place to start in any remodeling project is with what’s free. Home improvement ideas that will cost you $0 include rearranging existing furniture, turning prized possessions into décor accents, using candid family photos and picture frames to create a gallery wall, and adding visual interest to your space with items from your attic.

2.    Make your décor transitional by introducing modern elements.
Transitional looks are popular today, and they allow you to update your space without replacing everything. The transitional room is defined by its blend of traditional and contemporary elements. Introduce timeless modern pieces such as wall mirrors, glass partitions, or back-painted glass, or tie together your existing eclectic assortment with a unifying color or theme.

3.    Let the beauty of nature enhance your home’s atmosphere.
It’s easy to significantly improve the look and feel of a room when you put natural elegance to work for you. Bring the unrepeatable loveliness of creation into your space via items such as:

   •    Live edge tables
   •    Natural stone tiles
   •    A living wall

However you choose to do it, bringing in nature will add visual appeal unequaled by any other décor!

4.    Add a few prominent high-end fixtures to elevate the atmosphere of the home as a whole.
When your budget is not limitless, it’s important to invest in fixtures that pack a powerful punch in terms of enhancing your home’s ambience. Possibilities here include glass shower enclosures, granite countertops, attractive ceiling fans, and kitchen floors made of stone tile or ultra-durable exotic wood.

5.    Open up your floor plan.
Is your central living space broken up into too many rooms? Perhaps your renovation could center around taking out non-load-bearing walls and opening up the space. This look will be enhanced if you choose the same flooring for the living room and dining room. Having the same continuous wood floor in these rooms gives the space a smooth flow and unified feel.

6.    Do some research before you buy paint.
Painting is an important aspect of making your remodeled home aesthetically pleasing, and you will spend a fair bit of time doing this. Avoid using the wrong kind of paint or choosing a color that creates an undesired effect. For instance, do you know what types of paint will hold up in a kitchen or bathroom? Are you aware of how a red living room can impact mood or how a blue dining room might affect appetite? Spending a little time delving into paint options and the emotional impact of various hues is a worthwhile investment for any remodeler.

7.    Give each room multiple lighting options.
Another way to get the ambience you desire in each room is by offering diverse lighting choices. Attractive ceiling fixtures should be just the beginning. Step things up a notch with additions like:

   •    Dimmable switches.
   •    Back-lit wall mirrors.
   •    Recessed lighting.
   •    Toe-kick lighting.
   •    Table and floor lamps.

8.    Merge energy savings with aesthetic and functional appeal.
There are a number of remodeling choices that can make your home more energy friendly while beautifying and upgrading it at the same time. For instance, high-performance vinyl replacement windows can spruce up a room while preventing loss of furnace heat in the winter and reflecting the sun’s warmth back to the outdoors in summertime. Hydronic radiant floor heating is a cost effective way to heat your  home and say goodbye to cold toes when you step out of the tub or shower on winter mornings.

9.    Put simplicity to work for you.
Don’t think that a room has to be ornate or highly embellished to be visually appealing. Good taste and savvy décor choices can shine through most clearly in rooms that remain simple and clutter free. Create the perfect backdrop with tasteful paint colors and natural materials and then emphasize quality over quantity as you add the finishing touches.

10.    Select easy to clean surfaces.
Make life easier after the remodel by choosing fixtures that are easy to clean. For instance, a frameless clear glass shower door is free of the nooks and crannies found on framed doors or the grooves and dips that go along with patterned glass.

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