Framed Shower Doors

Framed shower doors impart a fresh, bold look while maintaining the durability of your new shower door by using a metal frame to stabilize the glass. The glass is bordered with aluminum that can be ordered in a variety of finishes. Another unique characteristic of framed enclosures is that they are normally made with thinner glass. Framed shower doors stand apart from other types of shower doors because they offer those consumers who are economical a less expensive alternative to frameless or semi-frameless enclosures. However, that is not the only reason people choose framed shower doors. At times, decorators and homeowners desire the look of a frame to express strength and boldness. So if you are interested in updating your existing enclosure or you want to replace your old shower curtain, it is beneficial to explore all of the options as you don’t want to limit yourself or your bathroom.


What is the definition of framed shower doors?

A framed shower door is defined as a glass door and/or panel that is completely enclosed in a metal frame. Framed showers normally use 5/32” or 3/16” tempered glass with an aluminum frame and hardware. The metal border helps to keep this thinner glass intact and more structurally sound. Additionally, the thinner glass and metal frame make the door less expensive to build, and this savings passes on to the consumer, giving you a more cost-effective option for home improvement.

Although these shower units are not as popular as frameless enclosures, they offer another possibility in shower doors. Being less expensive does not mean that they are of low quality. We offer every client a quality custom shower experience regardless of the type of shower. As a consumer it is important to note that custom framed shower enclosures are of a much higher grade than the standard, boxed, pre-fabbed, framed enclosures that you purchase from your average, chain home improvement store. Boxed shower doors often don’t allow for enough adjustability when there are issues such as the base being out of level or the walls not being plumb.

What are the available varieties of framed shower doors?

Just as with frameless and semi-frameless there are many different styles and shapes of framed enclosures. The main variations of framed shower doors include single door and panel, neo-angle, right-angle/L-shaped and by-pass. Depending on available space and other considerations, some choices may be more suitable than others for your bathroom. Selecting the right shower unit for your bathroom space will guarantee that you are maximizing the potential of your home.

What are the available glass and hardware options for framed shower doors?

There are two main variants for every shower door; the glass and hardware, but the framed shower door has one more consideration. A framed shower door also has a metal border that needs to fit in with color schemes and décor. It is important to choose your frame finish in a color similar to your hardware. View the glass and hardware options available for frameless shower doors.

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