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The busy schedule of the people in Alexandria does not always permit them to shop for the products they love directly from shops. Instead they are using the advanced technology of the internet to at least do the basic research, and usually placing their order online.

At ABC Glass & Mirror, we allow our customers to check view and research all of our products online. We provide the people of Alexandria a high-end service facility in order to maintain a good customer relationship. Our team of experts is available online 24/7 to attend to your needs.

Types of service rendered:

We offer shower door installation services, onsite service, after sales service, renovation services, remodeling services and other services related to glass products & mirrors in homes.

Shower door installation services at ABC Glass & Mirror, are the best around. Our service technicians are experts at the shower doors installation process. When you buy shower doors from us, we can also install them for you.

Selection of shower door type:

As you know that there are a number of designs and types of shower doors provided by ABC Glass & Mirror. When you visit our website, you will find pictures of all the shower door designs from the framed, frameless, semi framed, by pass, bi fold, tri panel, etc.

Additional parts required for shower door installation:

Once you choose the type of door for your installation, the door accessories will also need to be chosen. The accessories include the door knobs, types of rails, types of rollers, color of rollers and rails, kind of material used for the manufacture of rollers and rails.

Sample shower door installation:

Once everything is in place, the experts from ABC Glass & Mirror, will create a template for your shower door installation which will assure the exact fit of the door.

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