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glass shower doorAre you fed up of your unattractive bathroom and always thought if you could make it look appealing? Have you noticed frameless shower doors in a magazine or Internet and want to get them installed, at ABC Glass & Mirror you can find what you need. The different types of frameless shower doors, semi framed, framed shower doors available with us will certainly increase the value of your bathroom and also enhance your bathing experience. If you want shower door installation from a reliable dealer in Arlington, ABC Glass & Mirror is the best choice.

Buying and installing shower doors from a reliable dealer can prove beneficial in the long run. When it comes to shower door installation in Arlington, our professionals do the job meticulously whether the door is large or medium sized, framed or frameless. They evaluate the technicalities carefully in advance and only then begin the actual process of installation.

The foremost point that our professionals consider while installing is to decide the place where you want to put the hinges and the opening position of the door. If you want to install glass shower doors between the two plates then it is feasible to use the glass-to-glass hinges or the pivot hinges. The pivot hinges also, can be positioned against the wall. When you decide the placement of the door, ensure that the shower door will not hit other fixtures or the towel bar.

Installing your glass shower door may be a bit cumbersome when it comes to handling, however easier to install as compared to the other doors, since there are few parts and less cutting and measuring. While installing the shower door, our professional ensures that the edge of your glass does not touch the tile or else the glass may be chipped or explode. We ensure to place the glass on rubber and wood.

It is simple to install the shower door when the tiles are installed at heavy cement. In case if, you are not sure regarding the wall’s durability then use the header on the top and the pivots rather the hinges. The pivots will easily take the wall’s weight. We ensure to not to install the shower door straightforwardly on the tiles, in case, if they are mounted at sheetrock.

Installing the shower doors can also be done by you but you must do so only if you are very confident. The option of hiring a professional from ABC Glass & Mirror is certainly the best way to install shower door. No matter, whether you want to install frameless shower doors, framed or semi framed showered doors, at ABC we offer perfect service for your shower door needs.

Finding reliable shower door installer in Arlington can be a bit tough task and ABC glass and mirror excels in providing the most excellent installation techniques. With us, you need not worry about the brakeage of the glass. Not just for installation, ABC can be the best choice to pick superior quality shower doors and shower door parts matching with the theme and look of your bathroom. Right from delivering the shower door, removing the old one, drilling holes to install the door, we perform the task brilliantly, thus fulfilling your expectations.

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