Install shower doors: Things to Know

Bathroom fittings have become so trendy that many people are now buying them to make their bathrooms look elegant. You can also consider fitting glass shower doors in your bathroom to give it that elegant look. Shower doors have become quite popular and they are considered to have a good value. For shower doors near Herndon, look no further than ABC Glass & Mirror. You will find a wide variety of doors in many colors and styles. You can also choose frameless glass doors to get a more contemporary look in your bathroom. It is ideally suited for bathrooms that have less room in them. But the choice is not limited to small bathrooms only, and you can choose the one that fits best with your needs.

Shower doors in Herndon

Installing shower doors in your bathroom is no easy task, and you will need professional help to do so. You can also find great installers at our showroom near Herndon. Care must be taken while installing shower doors, and it is necessary to remember a few things when installing shower doors in your bathroom. The actual time taken to install a shower door varies depending on the type and style of the shower door you choose. An important thing to consider during your shower door installation is the alignment of the shower door and its frame, so that you get a water tight fit. Generally, frameless shower doors pose more difficulties in the installation process. In comparison, when framed doors are installed, the entire installation will take one afternoon or so for completion.

Installation of frameless shower doors in Herndon

Generally, frameless shower doors are made using sleek, thick glass. This construction makes the bathroom appear very elegant and much larger than it actual is. One advantage of frameless shower doors is that they are water tight, if sufficient care is taken to install it in a proper manner. The other advantage that is associated with frameless shower doors is the ease with which you can clean them. For the best fit, it is advisable to measure the dimensions in the most accurate way possible. Another thing is that shower doors also need careful handling at the time of installation.

You should keep the measurements handy while you choose shower doors near Herndon. You can also make sketches of the different angles of the shower, namely front view and the top view before entering the measurement values. After positioning the hinge of the door, the screws should be tightened well. After this is done, the handles should be attached. After positioning the door, shim it for getting a clearance of 3/8 inches at the bottom.

Then, you have to mark the positions for the holes. Now, it is time to drill the holes by making use of good quality drill or wall anchors. Make use of the drill for inserting screws through the wall. Then, you can attach a vinyl sweep at the glass door’s bottom side.

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