Glass Shower Door to Enhance Your Bathroom

Shower doors available at ABC Glass and Mirror are not just designed for stopping the water to come from the shower tub or stall, but also they can add an elegant touch of style to the bathing area. If you are searching for an effective as well as long lasting alternative to your old shower curtain then glass shower door is a worth considering option. The shower doors are made up of the tempered glass, which are sturdy and can be used for years.

The design of glass door and glass you pick can enhance the look of your bathroom significantly. For instance, the clear glass is ideal for spacious and light look. The molded, colored and frosted glass and the etched patterns are various other options accessible at ABC Glass and Mirror, D.C. will give an attractive and unique finish.

Frameless glass shower door

The frameless shower doors are extremely famous in the contemporary bathrooms, because of their modern and sleek look. The frameless shower door hardware can be easily mounted directly on to the glass, for a tidy and smart finish. The more traditional framed glass doors with the frames of chrome, aluminum or metal are another favorable choice. Think the style, which you want to get fixed, matching with the theme and the character if your bathroom. If you want a specific look for your bathroom makeover, without any budget limit then you may wish to have custom glass shower door made.

Options for frame and glass

There are plethora of frame finishes and glass styles available at ABC Glass and Mirror, from which you can pick. We have different kinds of colored glasses. They vary from the frosted appearance to the custom sandblasting. The classic crystal clear glass door shower is available as well, which means that the glass possess no tint. While considering installing glass door to enhance your bathroom with ABC Glass and Mirror, best dealer in DC, all you require doing is access the glass selections. There are various patterns to pick from. Famous options include, glacier, steam mist and rain themes. The reed patterns have a very exciting visual texture along with the textured touch to them.

There are different types of frames, few have solid brass trim having plated finishes. The strain brass and polished brass are famous choices. You might find the polished frames along with the colored glass. The combination of glass door shower option comes in chimes on the brass and polished nickel on the brass. As the design of the home continues to evolve, ABC Glass and Mirrors D.C. will offer more glass door options to enhance your bathroom.

Installing the door

When it comes to installing glass shower door to enhance your bathroom in D.C., ABC Glass and Mirror can be completely trusted. The best part about ABC is that they give professional shower door installation help with great suggestions and ideas to maintain the door. Contact ABC Glass and Mirror D.C. for best shower doors to enhance your bathroom.

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