Selecting the Best Shower Door

When installing any type of shower, some provisions should be made in order to ensure that the water remains within the shower area. This can be without any effort achieved by using a shower door. There are various kinds of shower doors available at McLean shower door company, ABC Glass & Mirror. We sell frameless shower doors, semi framed and framed shower doors too. However, selecting the best shower door or glass shower doors can be a puzzling task. There are various points that should not be overlooked while selecting the best shower door for your bathroom.

Budget: The foremost point to take into account is your budget. This will aid you to constrict your choice of the shower doors, which you can pay for. Showers doors come in many styles and price range. So evaluate your budget well.

Shower Door Area: Next, evaluate the opening, where the shower door is required for covering. Give a close look to your bathroom where you want to install shower door or other fixtures, which you have selected if your purchase for shower door is a part of overall renovation.

Bathroom Look & Feel: Take cues from present furnishings in your bathroom. If you have brass tones accents then continue this look in the shower doorframe too. Same goes for the chrome as well. If the theme of your bathroom is modern, contemporary and clean lines must be complemented in shower door you pick to buy. Besides, rose etchings in glass will be appropriate for a traditional or a romantic look. At ABC glass & mirror, you can access hosts of options in shower doors that will for sure suit the theme of your bathroom.

Types of glass used in shower doors

When talking about the glass, the shower doors can be made with pure glass or the hard plastic like plexi glass. The plexi glass is generally simpler to install, since it is light in weight as compared to the normal glass and is easy to handle. No matter, whether you pick plexi glass or plain glass, still you can choose lined or frosted glass. At ABC glass & mirror, we provide shower door glass, which is as thick as 3/8” or 1/2”. The frost glass particularly is a nice choice, when you are modest and will not use any decorative curtain at the front of the door. Yet the mirror surfaces are another choice for shower door.

Do not forget to consider the way your shower door will open. It could rest over the tub’s top or slide open as the pocket door or simply can sit on the hinges as well as swing own as the regular door. We at, ABC mirror & glass, give you all the options handy in McLean, and also provide you best shower door installation services.

Finally, you are all set to pick a shower door that satisfies your needs, both design and price wise. At ABC Glass & Mirror, you can buy shower door that suits you the best and even access hardware options, including handles/ towel bars, hinges, and shower door hardware finishes.

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