5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen Cabinets

Glass Cabinets for your Kitchen

Kitchen cabinets, in many ways, define the whole look and feel of a kitchen. Finding ways to improve your existing cupboards allows you to give your kitchen a boost even when you can’t afford a full-scale remodel.


Switch to Glass Fronts on Some of the Cupboard Doors

Making this change – even if it’s only on some of the doors – will give your kitchen cabinetry an updated feel. In turn, the transformed facades of your cupboards will affect the entire space and give your kitchen that fresh mode you seek. Modern choices in glass cabinet inserts span a broad spectrum of styles and themes, so this fix will work whether your kitchen décor is vintage or contemporary.


Improve Kitchen Cabinets with Clear Glass Inserts & Show Off Your Fine Dinnerware

Clear glass fronts not only upgrade your cabinetry but also allow you to incorporate lovely dishware into your kitchen décor while still keeping it neatly stashed in a cupboard. And it doesn’t have to be dishes – also try this with attractively bottled oils and spices, wine collections, glassware, and so forth. The final perk associated with clear cabinet fronts is that they impart to the room a more open and spacious ambience.


Use Clear Glass Shelving in the Cupboards with Transparent Fronts

A wonderful way to give the previous upgrade even more impact is to use clear glass shelves inside these particular cupboards. This gives you a more attractive surface on which to set your items and makes the cabinet interiors appear more chic and classy. Furthermore, the use of transparent shelves enhances the open atmosphere generated by the clear cabinet inserts. Making these changes on just several cupboards can dramatically improve the overall aesthetic quality of your home’s kitchen.


Purchase Vision-Obscuring Glass for Other Cupboard Doors

You may only have a couple cupboards that house items you really want to put on display. However, this does not have to limit your use of glass inserts in your kitchen. Vision-obscuring patterned and acid-etched glass choices are also available. These glass fronts still freshen and upgrade the look of your cabinets, but they blur one’s view of what is behind them, which means you do not have to worry about color coordinating your cereal boxes or making sure your cans of soup have fashionable labels! Both clear and patterned/ acid-etched glass can be harmoniously incorporated into the same kitchen for a truly stunning effect.


Change Out the Handles on All the Cabinets

If you decide to keep wooden fronts on some of your cupboard doors, it’s a good idea to do something to update and renew these cabinets, too. A simple fix is to add tasteful handles to all your cupboard doors if they do not have them or to replace the existing handles with stylish new ones. This also allows you to keep a uniform theme throughout the kitchen. For instance if you’re going for old-world appeal, pair frosted cabinet glass with fancy Victorian style handles.

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