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4 Bathroom Theme Ideas

Beach House

Creating a beach house theme in your bathroom can be a fun and inexpensive way to achieve a cheerful and inviting atmosphere. Everyone has a blast at the beach house, so this is a popular mode of decor. At the same time, beach house décor is often eclectic and informal, so you don’t have to stretch your budget to give your bathroom a seaside feel. In fact, flea markets and thrift stores can be wonderful places to find the perfect bath accessories for a beach theme. What’s more, the versatility of this décor style means you can choose it for your bathroom no matter what kind of glass is on your shower door or what type of sink you already have installed. Inject seaside appeal into your restroom by –


It is so important to remember, yet so easy to forget, that people are always more important than things. Living by this motto will not ensure that your home is always tidy, but it will ensure that your spouse and children know that they are the reason you do what you do, not obstacles to your quest for a showcase home and perfectly executed daily schedule. Placing persons above belongings can involve something as simple as pausing to comfort an upset child or something as big as lowering your standards of tidiness to make more time for your spouse.


Nature lovers can bring their passion for the outdoors into home decorating, and this is especially suited to the bathroom because of nature’s power to calm and soothe.


A final suggestion is to give your bathroom a spa theme. This is relatively easy to achieve and can help you find relaxation and renewal right in your own home. You can go all out and have a steam shower installed or make a number of smaller additions and renovations. Create your own personal resort-style bathroom by - For any aspect of your bathroom remodel or other home improvement project that calls for glass or mirror, call ABC at 703-257-7150 today!



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