Safety Glass: Lexan Polycarbonate

For the greatest resistance to impact, choose Lexan polycarbonate sheeting for your safety glass needs. Available from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR, this polycarbonate product is virtually unbreakable; it will bend before it breaks. Its features make it superb for many structures, especially where security is a top priority. With ABC GLASS AND MIRROR choosing the right safety glass doesn’t have to be a shot in the dark. Set up a free consultation to learn more about Lexan polycarbonate sheeting, as well as alternative safety glass options. And we’ll give you an estimate for free, too. It’s as easy as ABC to call us today at (703)257-7150!

Why is Lexan polycarbonate sheeting great for security?

If vandalism or intrusion is a concern for your home, garage, or business, consider covering vulnerable windows with Lexan polycarbonate sheeting from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR Its unique strength and durability provides you with a higher level of security than other safety glass choices. Also consider replacing door or sidelight (window beside door) glass with Lexan for heightened safety. This can be especially beneficial for commercial doors that see a great deal of use.

Can Lexan polycarbonate sheeting be used for property protection?

Because of its impact resistance, Lexan polycarbonate sheeting is a great tool for keeping cherished items safe and in pristine condition. Use it on a display case where valuable or fragile items are kept – or even replace picture frame glass with a piece of Lexan. Additionally, polycarbonate can be used to protect window glass on golf course or beach front property. And don’t forget the dining room table – preserve the beauty of your wooden table with a Lexan table top.

Lexan polycarbonate sheeting for personal safety

Since it is so indestructible, Lexan polycarbonate sheeting keeps you from having to worry about the sharp edges and risks of injury that are present when standard glass is struck. If you are constructing a safety screen in a workshop, this product is a terrific choice. Since it is pretty much impossible to break, it is a great material to keep you and your family or employees safe from flying debris.

What options are available for Lexan polycarbonate sheeting?

For immediate needs, ABC GLASS AND MIRROR does carry some stock sheets of Lexan polycarbonate sheeting. Otherwise, we will take measurements, ascertain whether structural irregularities are present and provide Lexan sheets in custom sizes. Available thicknesses include 1/16” – 1/4”.

Lexan polycarbonate sheeting vs. Plexiglas acrylic sheeting - which is right for you?

If you’re not sure whether Lexan or Plexiglas is best for your project, be sure to take advantage of ABC GLASS AND MIRROR’s complimentary glass consultation offer. Gain more knowledge about both types of safety glass and have your questions answered by an experienced glass professional. Plexiglass (acrylic) offers greater rigidity and higher resistance to solar discoloration when compared to standard Lexan, and it is the less expensive of the two. Lexan (polycarbonate), on the other hand, offers the highest level of impact resistance and is now available in a form that resists yellowing ABC GLASS AND MIRROR carries both Lexan and Plexiglas and offers you professional installation of either one.

Get Lexan polycarbonate sheeting from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR

For an extremely durable safety glass – Lexan – and friendly service from a local, family-owned glass company, call ABC GLASS AND MIRROR This polycarbonate product is a great way to meet safety and security requirements for home and the workplace. We look forward to meeting with you and hope you will call to schedule your free estimate and consultation – (703)257-7150.

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