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If you have double pane windows or glass doors that are in need of repair, you've come to the right place! Your insulated unit (the two sealed panes) can be replaced by ABC GLASS AND MIRROR, a respected company that is staffed with experienced glaziers and offers quality products. When you trust your glass needs to us, you have great options to choose from and professional installation you can count on. If you are dealing with broken or foggy double pane windows or glass doors, we can usually replace just the glass – the insulated unit – and save you the cost of replacing the entire window structure. One of our friendly glass experts would be happy to visit your home, inspect the window, present options, and provide an estimate. This is a free, no-obligation offer, so call to schedule your window consultation today – (703)257-7150.

What is the definition of an insulated unit?

"Insulated Unit" refers to the double pane glass found in most windows and glass doors. It consists of two panes of glass with a small space in between. A air-tight seal around the edge of the unit holds the two glass panels together and keeps moisture out of the middle space.

When is this type of replacement glass needed?

There are a couple window problems that can typically be resolved by simply replacing the insulated unit. Broken or shattered window panes increase your energy costs and can pose a safety and security risk. In this case, give us a call and we will make it priority to visit your residence promptly and begin the process of ordering and installing your new glass. Window glass that is intact, but cracked or chipped, is unsightly and can be a bigger problem waiting to happen. Preserve the integrity of your windows by replacing this defective glass with a new insulated unit from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR Finally, double pane windows can become foggy if the air-tight seal breaks down and condensation forms in the space between the panes. In this case, too, we can usually repair the window by simply installing new glass.

What are the glass options for an insulated unit?

Your window will be inspected and measured so that we can ascertain the proper glass thickness for your new insulated unit. There are limitless options pertaining to glass thickness, overall unit thickness, tint, Low - E, gas filled etc. Make sure to contact ABC GLASS AND MIRROR to ensure your glass is ordered correctly.

Increased thickness means increased strength, and there is a slight cost increase for thicker glass, so select the glass that fits your window, your family's needs, and your price range.

What are the energy-efficient possibilities for your new insulated unit?

In addition to renewing your window's appearance, your new insulated unit can also save you money when you choose one or both of our great energy-efficient features.

  • Argon – The space between the double panes is filled with argon gas and sealed. This gas increases the window's R-value, which means that it makes the window a better insulator.
  • LOW-E – The surface of the glass is covered with a low-emissivity coating, a treatment that reduces the amount of energy lost through the window.
Is tempered glass available for an insulted unit?

For some applications, an insulated unit made of tempered glass is best. The location of some windows and glass doors puts them at a higher risk of being broken by impact or collision. Reduce the risk of injury or damage from sharp pieces of broken glass by choosing a safer option. Tempered glass has four to five times the strength of annealed glass. If it is broken, tempered glass will shatter into small chunks, without the razor-sharp edges of typical glass shards. This is much less hazardous and easier to clean up, too.

What are the options in glass appearance for insulated units?

We want your window to look great after the new insulated unit is installed. To that end, we will do our best to make sure that your new glass matches other panes in that window or other windows in the room/home. In addition to the standard clear glass, you can choose from patterned and acid-etched (frosted) glass options.

What are the options in glass appearance for insulated units?

Don't let defective glass mar your view any longer! A new insulated unit from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR can restore the functionality and visual appeal of your window or glass door. Schedule your free on-site window consultation – (703)257-7150!

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