For practical and aesthetic applications, mirrors from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR are a great choice. Mirrors are a must in areas such as bathrooms, powder rooms, bedrooms, guest rooms, and dressing rooms; but mirrors can bring elegance, shine, and a feeling of spaciousness to any room in your house or place of business! Consider adding additional mirrors to your bath and dressing areas, creating plenty of space for family members and guests to complete their morning routines. Mirrors can also be a key element in your home décor; they complement many looks and styles and can make rooms feel more bright and open. But mirrors are not just for home installations. We also supply and install mirrors for gym walls, restaurant walls, dance studios, and more. Explore the many mirror possibilities that are available to you when you choose ABC GLASS AND MIRROR, a trusted company with years of experience in the industry!


What mirror options are available from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR?
  • Mirror wall – make a room feel larger by mirroring the entire wall or just a portion.
  • Vanity mirrors – mirrors specially designed with bathroom applications in mind.
  • Gym mirrors – a functional and appealing feature that your patrons will love.
  • Beveled mirrors – for a more distinctive look choose a beveled edge on your new mirror.
  • Framed mirrors – select a mirror already in an attractive frame, have a frame added to an existing mirror, or order a mirror to fit the frame you have.
  • Custom mirrors – we take the necessary measurements and order the mirror that is the perfect fit for your space.

What is the mirror installation process with ABC GLASS AND MIRROR?

It starts with a free consultation and estimate with one of our courteous and knowledgeable glass experts. The consultation takes place in the convenience of your home or business. Your questions are answered, measurements are taken, and options are discussed.

After learning about options and prices, you select the mirror that is right for you and meets the needs of your family or company.

You purchase a quality mirror, backed by warranty, one that is both the right size and the right shape. We measure carefully using laser levels and make needed adjustments to the mirror dimensions if walls are not square or other irregularities are present.

Your new mirror is professionally installed by a qualified crew and you enjoy your gorgeous and functional product for years to come!

What are some commercial uses for mirrors?

Large mirrors can be a great investment for your business! Mirrors in gyms and dance studios allow athletes and artists to monitor progress and perfect style and technique. Installing mirrors in your food or beverage establishment is a great way to make the atmosphere more appealing to patrons as mirrors bring a feeling of spaciousness and a classy look.

What are some practical applications for mirrors in residences?

Mirrors serve an important function in the home. Most of us start our day using a mirror as we prepare for work, school, etc. Multiple mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other dressing areas allow more than one person to shave, apply make-up, or style hair on busy mornings. Full length mirrors are also important as family members and guests prepare for the day and verify that all items of apparel and footwear are appropriately coordinated.

How can mirrors make rooms more aesthetically pleasing?

Mirrors can help illuminate a room, making it more cheerful and pleasant to be in. Moreover, mirrors are perfect accents for many decorating styles, from retro to Victorian! For instance, a frameless mirror with a beveled edge would be a great touch in a contemporary living room. Or do you have a lovely antique frame with broken mirror glass? We can provide a new mirror so you can display your heirloom frame at its best. Mirrors from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR can help you express your personal style and bring your creative visions to life!

Why is ABC GLASS AND MIRROR the clear choice?

If the elegance and shine of mirror glass could add to the appeal of your home or business, turn to a local, family-owned and operated company. We bring more than 40 years of owner experience and over 150 years combined staff experience to your project. Call for your free consultation and estimate today – (703)257-7150!

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