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Installing a mirror wall in your home can truly upgrade a room! Transforming an ordinary wall with the beauty of mirror is a decision that will give the room a more spacious and appealing atmosphere. ABC GLASS AND MIRROR can supply mirrors of many shapes and sizes, with your choice of polished or beveled edges. We specialize in custom mirrors that will fit just about anywhere! Call for your free in-home mirror consultation and estimate today – (703)257-7150!

Mirror wall
Mirror wall
Mirror wall
Mirror wall

What is the definition of mirror wall?

How mirror is made – a metallic backing is applied to clear glass and a final layer of paint is applied over the metallic layer. The metal backing causes the front of the glass to reflect light and a mirror is formed. So a mirror wall is simply a wall that is partly or completely covered in this attractive product. A mirror wall can be created by installing one or more very large mirrors or by arranging many smaller mirrors.

What edge options are available for mirror walls?

Customers can choose either polished or beveled edges for their mirror walls. On a polished edge mirror, the entire surface of the mirror is flat and level, and the edges are machine-polished to a safe and aesthetically pleasing degree of smoothness. The edges of the surface of a beveled mirror are cut to gently angle down to a thin polished edge. In addition, we offer mirror with metal trim around the perimeter. Each look is versatile and attractive – choose the one that's right for your décor!

What are the wall mirror hanging options?

ABC GLASS AND MIRROR offers a variety of options for attaching your wall mirror. There are two areas of concern when securing a mirror. The weight of the mirror glass needs to be adequately supported, and the mirror needs to be held in the desired place and position on the wall. Mirror mastic, a special glue, is often used to address the latter, while the former is achieved by resting the mirror on a support such as J-channel, L-bar, or trim. When mirror mastic is used, the mirror is attached directly to the wall, but we also offer a standoff installation option. Here the mirror is kept “standing off" from the wall by cylindrical metal spacers. Screws through the center of the spacers attach the mirror to the wall and the visible screw heads are covered with metal caps, available in several finishes.

J-Channel or L-Bar?

If your mirror wall will be resting on a metal strip, you can choose either J-Channel or L-bar to achieve the desired look. As its name suggests, J-Channel has a profile shaped like the letter “J" (minus the line across the top). Due to its shape, it wraps around the front of the mirror and is visible as a thin metal strip along the bottom of the mirror wall. L-Bar offers a more frameless look; since it is shaped like a capital “L", no metal is visible on the front of the mirror. Both of these provide the strength and support demanded by the weight of mirror glass.

What are the thickness options for mirror glass?

The most commonly used thickness is 1/4". For installations where weight is of special concern, ABC GLASS AND MIRROR also offers 3/16" and 1/8" mirror glass. This thinner glass weighs less and is suitable for applications where the mirror is being attached to a less hardy structure. For example, 3/16" would be the best choice for mirror-covered sliding closet doors.

How to cover a wall with mirror?

If a "seamless" look is desired, we will cover the wall using as few separate pieces of mirror glass as possible. We can supply and install very large mirrors, such as 60” x 120”. In fact, what usually limits the mirror size is the access to the room – the mirror has to fit through the door! If a tiled look is sought, your wall can be covered with numerous small mirrors.

How does a mirror wall enhance your living space?

One of ABC GLASS AND MIRROR's mirror walls is the perfect addition to many rooms. Make it easier to perfect form and monitor progress by installing one in your home workout station. A mirror wall would also be a practical choice for a dressing room. If your favorite part of the house is starting to feel cramped and cluttered, consider how a mirror wall would create the appearance of additional space, making the room feel more open and comfortable. Finally, a mirror wall brings elegance and brightness to any living space! Call today to schedule your free consultation and estimate – (703)257-7150!

How does ABC provide a correctly installed, quality product?

Your mirror glass will be ordered to fit your wall. ABC GLASS AND MIRROR measures carefully and checks for walls that are out of square or other atypical structural conditions. The mirror is designed with all these factors in mind so that it will fit properly upon installation. Your custom wall mirror is then carefully installed by a qualified crew.

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