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ABC GLASS AND MIRROR is pleased to offer customers a wide array of options for vanity mirrors. The right choice of mirror for your vanity can be the perfect finishing touch in your bathroom. We can help you select a mirror that is the right size for your family’s needs and is an aesthetically pleasing feature of the bath area. But the usefulness of vanity mirrors is not limited to the bathroom. Consider having one installed above your dresser or make-up table to increase the convenience and efficiency of your morning routine. A variety of choices are available for size, shape, and style, and our mirrors are covered by warranty and professionally installed. To schedule a free consultation and estimate in your home, call ABC GLASS AND MIRROR at (703)257-7150.

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What type of glass is used on a vanity mirror?

For vanity mirrors, 1/4" glass is used, and you can choose either polished or beveled edges. If you select polished edges, the surface of your mirror glass will be uniformly flat and the edges of the mirror will be smooth and polished. This is type of mirror offers a look of simple elegance. If you choose beveled edges, the mirror glass will be cut so that it angles down around the perimeter of the mirror. The remaining edge will be polished. This look is more decorative and still very versatile. If you have, or would like to have, outlets or lights on the wall where you want the vanity mirror, ABC GLASS AND MIRROR can work with this. We will make cutouts in the mirror glass so that the lights and outlets can be installed or remain in their places.

What are the size and shape options for a vanity mirror?

Vanity mirrors are often rectangular in shape, and this is definitely something we offer. If you are seeking a different look or trying to complement a specific décor, we have additional shapes available. Create the bold look you have in mind with round, oval, or custom shaped mirrors. ABC GLASS AND MIRROR can provide and install large mirrors, so give us a call if you are interested in a vanity mirror that continues all the way up to the ceiling or extends from wall to wall. Having sufficient mirror available can make your family’s morning rush less hectic, so let us help you select the mirror that is the right shape and size for your household’s needs.

Are framed vanity mirrors offered?

Does your bathroom décor call for framed vanity mirrors? It just might, especially if you are creating a vintage or formal look. Mirrors in lovely frames are available to ABC GLASS AND MIRROR customers. Consider making the vanity mirror a key part of your décor by enclosing it in an attractive frame. Choose from a large selection of styles – understated, ornate, classic, and everything in between! We have frames in a variety of colors, so you will be able to find one that coordinates with your color scheme and bath hardware.

Can a vanity mirror be custom cut for a specific bathroom?

When you choose ABC GLASS AND MIRROR, you can get vanity mirrors that will fit properly in your bathroom space. We measure carefully and check for any special situations or non-typical wall conditions. If walls are out of plumb, if the vanity top is out of level, or if corners are out of square, we adjust the shape of the mirror glass so that it will still fit properly! For a quality custom product, call us today.

How is a vanity mirror installed?

Vanity mirrors that are straight across the bottom (rectangular or square) can rest on the vanity and be glued to the wall with mirror mastic, a special type of glue for attaching mirrors. If for any reason this application is not desired an alternate way is to add a strip of J or L channel. Mirrors with a curved bottom (oval or round) are hung using small, unobtrusive clamps that are made of clear plastic and secured with screws. If you a select a framed mirror, a specialized hanging system will be used. Whatever the style, the mirror you choose will be installed professionally and safely.

Who offers great vanity mirror choices?

For stylish vanity mirrors from an experienced local company, call ABC GLASS AND MIRROR today. Choose from our many fantastic options and get the mirror that is the perfect fit for your bathroom and your family’s needs. Call us at (703)257-7150 to set up your free mirror consultation and estimate!

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