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ABC GLASS AND MIRROR offers even more options with our line of framed mirrors. With a wide variety of appealing frames and two installation options, you can select the framed mirrors that are right for your house and your wallet! Framed mirrors can be a key component in your interior decorating. They combine the radiance of mirror glass with an attractive frame that coordinates with your colors and décor theme. We are eager to discuss your framed mirror options and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call and one of our friendly glass and mirror experts will meet with you for an in-home consultation and estimate – free of charge! (703) 257-7150

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What are the two types of framed mirrors?
In partnership with MirrorMate, ABC GLASS AND MIRROR offers two types of mirror frames – Custom Frame and Ready Frame. If you order a Custom Frame, a new piece of mirror glass will be fabricated to suit your new or existing layout. The mirror is installed using either glue or a combination of channel and clips. Once the mirror is secure and in place, the custom frame is then applied to the new mirror, resulting in a new custom look. In addition to this method, you may also choose Ready Frames. Here the frame is attached to an existing mirror that is already in place. This method is very versatile and can sometimes be used to turn an existing unframed mirror into a framed mirror! Each type of frame is available in a variety of styles, colors and finishes.

Where will framed mirrors look great in a home?
Framed mirrors look fabulous in many different rooms and areas of the house. In a bathroom, using a framed mirror over the vanity is a great way to dress up the space and make the mirror a striking feature of the bath décor. A framed mirror over a pedestal sink in the powder room is a combination that’s sure to beautify this part of the house. Also, adding frames to your full-length dressing mirrors is a terrific idea – one that can bring elegance to your bedroom. Consider making a framed mirror over the mantle part of your living room design. These are just a few of the many possibilities available to homeowners who choose framed mirrors from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR!


What options are available for Custom Frames?
When you choose Custom Frames for your framed mirrors, be assured that we offer designs to complement a wide range of looks and decorating schemes. For more contemporary rooms, we have modern frames with a simple, classy look. Other frames have the appearance of wood, a style that is truly versatile. Frames with a classic metallic look are also very appealing and match many types of home décor. In addition, you can choose from a selection of more ornate, dressy frames that pair well with styles such as Victorian and antique. These great options and more will be presented at your free consultation with an ABC GLASS AND MIRROR expert.

What are the Ready Frame choices?
If Ready Frames appeal to you or you would like to save money by turning your existing mirrors into framed mirrors, know that many excellent choices are available in this category, as well. Like the Custom Frames, Ready Frames come in styles ranging from modern to baroque. Choose from an impressive selection of colors, finishes, and styles with this innovative product!

What about special mirror situations?
Working with MirrorMate, ABC GLASS AND MIRROR can often supply the personalized frame needed to beautify a special mirror. If your mirror is –

  • over 102” long
  • beveled
  • one that includes an outlet or rosette
  • obstructed by a light, towel bar, or other fixture on an adjacent wall

be sure to call ABC to learn about the possibilities for adding a lovely frame.

Why is ABC GLASS AND MIRROR a great choice for framed mirrors?
You want framed mirrors that look great and are professionally installed. The company to call is family-owned and operated ABC GLASS AND MIRROR, a trusted company that brings many years of experience your home beautification project! Call for a free mirror consultation and quote – (703) 257-7150!

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