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Versatile and unique, custom mirrors from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR are the perfect addition to any room in the house! We can supply mirrors in non-standard shapes to meet your decorating needs, and we also offer mirrors that will fit just right even in rooms where the walls are out of level or out of plumb. Choose from large or small, framed or unframed, polished edge or beveled edge! Enhance the rooms in your house with the reflective beauty of custom mirrors from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR We want you to choose mirrors that you love, and to facilitate the decision-making process, we offer free in-home consultations. One of our mirror experts will present options, provide information, address concerns, and leave you with a free estimate. Call to schedule your mirror consultation today – (703)257-7150!

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Mirror wall
Mirror wall
Mirror wall

What shapes are available for custom mirrors by ABC Glass?

In addition to traditional shapes, we can help make your creative decorating ideas a gorgeous reality by cutting mirrors into the non-traditional shapes you request. Mirror shape possibilities include –

  • Rectangle
  • Square
  • Diamond
  • Hexagon
  • Oval
  • Circle
  • Teardrop
  • Triangle
  • Non-symmetrical

With all these options, you can be sure of finding the perfect mirror for your décor!

How will ABC GLASS AND MIRROR custom-cut mirrors to fit in my space?

When we measure for your custom mirrors, we don’t just measure dimensions. We also inspect the area, looking for any areas of concern. These include: walls that are out of plumb, surfaces that are out of level, and corners that are out of square. If any of these conditions are in fact present, we will take them into account when designing and ordering your mirrors. This way the mirrors you receive will fit correctly on your walls, in spite of any irregularities that might exist.

What size options are available for custom mirrors?

Whether you need large or small mirrors, get quality custom mirrors from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR From wide wall mirrors to a little framed mirror over a make-up table, we provide a wide range of sizes to meet a variety of needs and budgets. Large wall mirrors are especially effective for “opening up” a room. A wall covered in mirrors creates the illusion of space and can make a crowded room seem more spacious. Medium sized mirrors are perfect as dressing mirror, door mirrors, or vanity mirrors, while small mirrors can be a good choice for the powder room or special applications. For mirrors that are the right size and the right fit, call ABC GLASS AND MIRROR

Can custom mirrors be framed or unframed?

All of our custom mirrors are available unframed, but square and rectangular mirrors may also be framed. The addition of an attractive frame can make the mirror a more striking feature of the room and can help “tie it in” with the rest of your décor. However, some decorating styles are better suited to unframed mirrors. If a framed mirror sounds right for you, know that you have many styles to choose from. We offer three lines, with many different frames in each.

  • Classic Frames – The mirror is secured in the frame the way you would frame a picture. The framed mirror is securely hung using two corresponding strips of Z-channel – one on the back of the mirror and one on the wall.
  • Easy Frames – The frame is attached to a mirror that is already installed on your wall. If you already have mirrors, consider dressing them up with the addition of Easy Frames.
  • Value Series – A cost-saving line. These appealing mirrors are available in some of our most popular finishes.

Explore the options at your free consultation and choose the mirror size that’s right for your household!

Can custom mirrors have a polished or beveled edge?

Continue to design a custom mirror that reflects your personal style by selecting either polished or beveled edges. On a polished mirror, the surface contour is uniform and flat across the entire mirror, while the edges are polished to provide smoothness and safety. On a beveled edge mirror, the surface of the mirror glass slants downward toward the edge, giving the mirror a more decorative look. Both looks are pleasant and versatile; make your decision based on your tastes and decorating needs.

Why choose ABC Glass and Mirror for your custom mirror needs?

With so many terrific options, getting your custom mirrors from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR is the clear choice! We bring many years of experience, a warranty for our mirror glass, and lovely products. Please browse our informative website and give us a call to schedule your mirror consultation – (703)257-7150!

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