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Give your entrance a modern and dramatic look with all glass doors installed by ABC GLASS AND MIRROR These stunning doors are available in swinging and sliding styles, and they present the radiance of glass with minimal metal components. Make the first impression of your business a good one with all glass doors; remember to call for your free consultation and estimate so that you can make an informed decision, a decision you will be happy with for years! Give ABC GLASS AND MIRROR a ring at (703)257-7150.

What is the definition of all glass doors?

All glass doors are composed almost entirely of glass with a very small amount of metal. The most metal you would see on a door like this would be strips at the top and bottom of the door panels. However, other styles use only small metal patches on the corners. Fully tempered heavy glass is used in the construction of all glass doors, and this glass can be clear or color tinted. Clear glass thickness typically ranges from 3/8” to 3/4", and if tinted glass is selected the thickness options generally run from 3/8” to 1/2".

Are all glass doors visually striking?

Showcasing sheets of glass unencumbered by a metal frame, these doors bespeak class and elegance. With its sheen and reflective qualities, glass brightens and enlivens the entrance to your store, salon, office, or other place of business. If your entry area needs a boost, all glass doors from ABC GLASS AND MIRROR can give it an impressive upgrade that will last!

Why choose swinging or sliding all glass doors?

If you choose swinging all glass doors, your doors will open and close by means of supporting pivots at the top and bottom of the door. Closers, which often use springs, are also installed on swinging doors; these control the movement of the door panel, preventing it from opening too abruptly or slamming shut. When you select sliding doors, the door panels will move either by means of a sliding system installed at the top of the door or by sliding on rollers inside a track at the bottom of the door. In the latter case, U-channel will be used to hold the top of the door in place while allowing it to glide freely.

What are all glass door hardware options?

You can customize your all glass doors to reflect your business’s design mode by your selection of hardware styles and finishes. As stated, there is some flexibility with regard to the metal door components. For the most open and spacious look, use less metal – perhaps small metal patches on only two corners. Or for a bold, sleek style, consider using metal along the bottom or even both the bottom and the top of the door. The size, style, and placement of the handles also affect the overall appearance of the doors. While pull handles that are secured by means of small apertures in the glass are most popular, additional options are available. Positioning of the handles can be –

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Straight
  • Off-set

Finally, you can choose a finish for the handles and hardware, with options that include Black, Clear Annodized, Brushed/ Polished Stainless and the list goes on.

Get more information on all glass doors

If you are intrigued by the possibilities presented by all glass doors, learn more about what they can do for your building by meeting with one of our glaziers. There will be no charge for this initial consultation, and a glass professional will join you on-site to discuss options, present information, and provide a free estimate for your glass project. With ABC GLASS AND MIRROR, you receive quality products and courteous service from an experience, family-owned and operated company. We look forward to talking with you when you call us at (703)257-7150.

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