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With an all glass entrance out front and glass partitions inside, you can make a dramatic impression on your clients and create a pleasant work environment for your staff! Team up with a reliable local company, ABC GLASS AND MIRROR of Manassas Park, and add the beauty of glass to both the exterior of the edifice and the building’s interior. With durable products, professional service, and qualified installers, ABC GLASS AND MIRROR will be a great partner in the work of upgrading your commercial structure. We invite you to learn more about the glass possibilities by scheduling an on-site consultation and estimate with one of our experienced glaziers. There is no charge for this, and it is a great way to get the knowledge you need to make an informed selection - so call us at (703)257-7150 today.

What is the definition of an all glass entrance?

An all glass entrance contains one or more all glass doors as well as all glass sidelites.

  • All glass doors – These doors are constructed primarily of glass with a minimum amount of metal. At most, a top and bottom metal rail would be used, while some have small metal patches on two corners only. These are available in both swinging and sliding styles.
  • All glass sidelites – This term refers to the “windows” or panels of fixed glass that make up the rest of the all glass entrance. The type and amount of metal used will depend on the style of door; the sidelites will be constructed to blend harmoniously with your choice of door(s).

All glass entrances - a bold, high-end look

Switching to an all glass entrance is a great way to boost the appeal of your place of business! The wide expanse of glass, undivided by metal framing, gives an impression of vastness and can add a touch of glamour to an otherwise prosaic structure. Additionally, the glimmer and sheen of the glass makes the mood cheerful and inviting.

What glass options are available for an all glass entrance?

For safety and stability, heavy tempered glass is always used for all glass entrances. You may select either clear or color tinted panels, and the glass thickness is usually between 3/8” and 3/4" for clear and 3/8” or 1/2” for colored. One of our glass professionals can assist you in selecting the glass that is best for your particular entryway.

What hardware options are available for an all glass entrance?

Some important hardware decisions will need to be made to put the finishing touches on the entrance you are creating with your all glass system. You must select from an array of handle styles, with 1” diameter pull handles being a popular option. In addition, a finish for the door hardware must be selected, and the options here include, but aren't limited to:

  • Dark bronze
  • Bright chrome
  • Satin stainless steel
  • Clear annodized

How do frameless partitions work?

The attractive look imparted by frameless glass can also rejuvenate the interior of your business with the addition of frameless glass partitions. These can be attached to existing walls or installed as separate floor to ceiling dividers. Partial or full walls of glass look great as office dividers, privacy screens, stall dividers in the bath area, and more. They are functional, easy to clean, and very classy.

What are the glass options for frameless partitions?

Clear glass is, of course, available for frameless partitions, and this is ideal for creating a feeling of openness and spaciousness. If more privacy is desired, consider colored, acid-etched, or patterned glass. Furthermore, we can create partitions made of back-painted glass, which is available in basically any color you can imagine.

Versatility and stability

The area will be measured and inspected, and the partitions will be custom designed for your space. We can even construct large partitions made of multiple panels. To ensure stability, strong glass that is around 1/2” in thickness is used.

What are framed glass partitions?

Framed partitions are another great option for upgrading the inside of your commercial structure! As with frameless, we custom order the aluminum and glass to be the perfect fit. These also offer great stability and durability. You can choose from different glass options, such as clear and tinted. Moreover, the aluminum can be painted or have an anodized finish. The anodized finishes include clear, dark bronze, light bronze, and black. A paint finish, on the other hand, can be pretty much any color you can think of!

Explore glass options with ABC GLASS AND MIRROR!

We hope that you’ll want to learn more about how these glass products can benefit your business. Call for your free estimate today and make ABC GLASS AND MIRROR part of your renovation project. Choosing this experienced, family-owned company is as easy as “ABC”!

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