Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard About Glass Shower Doors

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, October 13, 2015)

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When it comes to glass shower doors there is a lot of bad advice floating around. Some of the worst advice regarding glass enclosures has to do with the correct way to measure for the shower door and the things to consider before the installation.  Well, the more correct way to say it might be “bad practice”, but “bad advice” works just as well. 

Anyway, no matter the wording there are some things that you should know so that if someone suggests it or advises you in the wrong direction, you will know that the advice is wrong. A lot of time the do-it-yourself movement has commenters online that sometimes give the wrong advice. 


Also, remember that contractors oversee each job and ensure they are done to code and to the owner specifications, but they are not experts in every field, so rely on each specialty craftsman for the best advice. 


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Bad vs. Best Advice for Measuring a Glass Shower Enclosure

The first piece of bad advice has to do with the correct timing of the custom measuring process for your shower door.  During the remodeling process often those involved are trying to meet the project deadlines. These deadlines mean that saving time is on the top of the list. The need to save time sometimes leads to mistakes or potential mistakes that can cost time and money.  It is very important that the measuring for the shower door is only completed after the new tile has been finished on the walls in shower stall area. 


The measuring for a new shower door should never be done during the construction process (when the tile is not on the walls).  The reason that this is so very important is that in order to get a perfect fit for your shower doors measuring to the actual opening. If you measure before the tile is installed there will be gaps that can cause water to leak. This can cause you big problems in the future….and the present.


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Worst Advice for the Direction of Your Shower Door Swing

If someone tells you that it doesn’t matter which way your shower door swings, they would be wrong.  Legally speaking the shower door must swing out for safety reasons.  This is so if someone fell inside the shower area the person could be easily helped. 


If the door only were to swing inward the person on the ground would block accessibility and could prolong access to emergency help.  So that sure you can have the door open any which way you like.  Paying attention to where the door is going to open  So be sure to pay attention to where the entrance is to your shower door is so there is sure to be enough space to open outward.


Contractors Trust the Experts

Contractors rely on each expert they work with to know the correct procedures for their specialty area.  Contractors will call an expert and you should too.  If you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom and would like to add new frameless glass shower, don’t let bad advice ruin your experience. 


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