Why Your Beach House Needs an Outdoor Shower

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Friday, August 21, 2015)

Outdoor Showers

For purposes of renting as well as your own use, an outdoor shower is a must-have beach house amenity. Of course you can beautify and upgrade the home’s indoor showers with glass shower doors, steam shower conversions, and so forth, but all the upgrades in the world can’t make up for a shower that will  not drain.

A day at the beach means family fun, a refreshing encounter with nature and also SAND - sand in your hair, sand in bathing suits, sand and more sand. If your family returns to the beach house and cleans up using the indoor showers all this sand has nowhere to go but in the shower drain. 


The result is a home full of attractive showers that nobody can use because they won’t drain. When you are the ones using the house, this can mean time away from the ocean and money “down the drain” getting the problem fixed. If you are renting out the house, your renters will be disgruntled at their own inconvenience and the hassle of having the drains unclogged, and this situation can lead to bad reviews of your property and loss of future business.


This problem is easily solved, however, through the installation of an outdoor shower stall where everyone can take a turn rinsing off the sand before heading inside for a full shower. However, the outdoor shower can be even more helpful for parents of large families since they can streamline the hygiene routine by stocking the stall with shampoo and soap so children can take care of all their shower needs via one stop in the outdoor shower after a day at the beach.


A functional outdoor shower will include the following elements –

   •    Privacy partitions that come down far enough and go up high enough to create a secluded space where people feel comfortable showering.
   •    Door that opens and shuts easily and can lock from the inside.
   •    Adjustable shower head with a powerful setting suitable for removing sand from bathing suits.
   •    Shelves or ledges for stashing soap and hair-care products.


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