Why Order a Glass Shower Door?

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Glass Shower DoorsA glass shower door can really change your bathroom’s look and feel for the better. An enclosure made of glass brings to the room not only the special beauty of the glass itself, but also clean lines, and modern elegance. Not many upgrades can transform a space as effectively as a glass shower enclosure.

Door Options
Another appealing aspect of the glass shower is the range of door options.
   •    Bypass: The space efficient double doors are very functional and are typically part of a semi-frameless unit.
   •    Frameless slider: Frameless sliders feature one space efficient door on a frameless enclosure.
   •    Swinging: These doors can be frameless, semi-frameless, or framed. You can also opt for one or two door panels.

Glass Choices
Homeowners are also drawn to glass shower doors because, when you order a custom door, you can tailor it to your personal preferences and style sense. While most showers are made of tempered glass, this glass is available in a range of different looks.

For those who want the shower stall and bathroom to feel roomier and more open, we have clear and ultra-clear glass. Frosted glass, patterned glass, and cast glass allow you to create a more private enclosure. Finally, tinted glass offers a distinctive appearance along with the same smooth surfaces as clear glass.

Water Containment
Glass shower doors are also reliable for water containment. The glass itself functions as an impermeable barrier to rogue water droplets. Other elements such as vinyl seals and/or a curb are present on some units to further the achievement of this goal.

What’s more, the act of closing a shower door is easy, simple, and one that most of us are likely to remember to carry out. However, some families deal with shower curtains not being arranged properly, the liner not being placed inside the tub wall, and so forth. Some have found the shower door to be the more user friendly water containment system.

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What’s your reason for adding a glass shower door to your home? Whether it’s the appealing door choices, the many glass styles, the need for changes in your water containment method, or something else, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is the shop to call.

We offer quality custom shower doors and enclosures made from glass fabricated to correspond with the specific dimensions of your shower area. We’ll even make adjustments to the glass to accommodate structural irregularities like non-square corners. Call today and discover all we have to offer – 703-257-7150!


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