What Is the Most User-Friendly Glass Shower Option?

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walk in showerThere isn’t one right answer when a homeowner asks, “What is the most user-friendly glass shower option?” Like many other home design questions the answer depends on the particular priorities, needs, and goals of each household.

Also, options are often automatically narrowed down by a bathroom’s size or set-up, as well as the person’s remodeling budget. Let’s take a look at some of the user-friendly possibilities for modern glass showers…..and you can decide for yourself which ones are “must-haves” for your next bathroom upgrade.

Walk-In Showers

You can cut down on the amount of hardware to clean and create a highly accessible shower area by opting for a walk-in enclosure (a stall with no door panel or curtain). What’s more, these units have great visual impact and can make a bathroom feel more open and spacious.

Of course a stall like this needs a strategically placed shower head, a correctly placed drain, and properly sloped floors to contain the shower water. Not every bathroom can accommodate a large enough stall for a walk-in design, but this is a great option if you have the space. What’s more, it can be paired with the curbless entry feature discussed below for enhanced safety and ease of entry/exit.

Curbless Shower Entrances

In our safety conscious age, many want to reduce the risk of tripping and falling when entering or exiting the shower enclosure. This becomes especially important if a household member has a special need or if you want to create a space that will promote aging-in-place.

Additionally, some homeowners have simply decided to remodel with Universal Design principles in mind to make each feature of the home accessible to persons with a wide range of needs and abilities. A curbless shower enclosure is compatible with the above goals since it provides a completely smooth entrance/exit pathway with no curb to potentially trip you up.

Clear Glass

If ease of cleaning is a top priority, you might want to use clear glass on your shower enclosure. Its smooth and untextured surfaces are easier to wipe clean and less conducive to soap scum buildup than those of its etched or patterned counterparts.

Protected Glass

Now if you really want to minimize maintenance, choose ShowerGuard glass or glass treated with long-lasting Enduro-Shield. Glass like this has a sealed surface without the pores where corrosive and unsightly buildup typically occurs. It does not need to be cleaned as frequently and the cleaning is less strenuous.

Privacy Glass

Notwithstanding the perks associated with clear shower glass, there are circumstances that make privacy glass worth some extra cleaning efforts. A high-traffic bathroom will be more useable…and thus more user-friendly…if one person can shower in privacy while another uses the sink. If you’re worried about cleaning issues, consider a protective spray-on coating for your frosted or patterned glass.

Frameless Design

Back to the subject of easy cleaning, frameless enclosures offer you both the most stylish look and a structure free of the nooks and crannies that accompany aluminum framing. This elegant but minimalistic look is a favorite among interior decorators today.

Budget Friendly Choices

If your goal is to bring your bathroom up-to-date while sticking to a strict budget, here are some things to consider –

   •    Thinner glass tends to cost less than thicker glass
   •    Using framing can make the glass shower cheaper since it allows for the use of thinner glass

   •    Simply adding glass doors to an existing tub/shower combo lets you bring in the glamor of a glass shower without the cost of having a complete glass enclosure built.

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