Wall Mirrors Make Rooms Look Bigger in Northern Virginia

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Sunday, May 04, 2014)

How do you make a room in your Northern Virginia home look bigger without the cost of a remodel? The answer is wall mirrors.   Wall mirrors cover an entire wall and make any room look larger than its actual size.   Mirrors are created by adding a reflective coating to a material that can be used to form a reflection. Glass is the preferred material.  The reflection you see in the wall mirrors not only reflects light but also the space.  The reflection of space is what makes the room feel bigger without adding square footage.  The reflection of light makes the space lighter and brighter.  There are many types and uses of wall mirrors.  Here are some of your options in wall mirrors:

  • Gym wall mirrors
  • Dance studio wall mirrors
  • Bedroom wall mirrors
  • Playroom wall mirrors
Mirrors are a fantastic addition to any interior design ideas.  The use of mirrors came about in the earliest of times.  Some believe that the earliest “mirrors” were containers that held water that would allow one to view a reflection to groom and maintain hygiene.  Plate glass mirrors were first invented around the 16th century and were made using a mercury coating that reflected back a nearly perfect image.  Nowadays the back coating is usually aluminum or silver and still produces an undistorted reflection.   Although mirrors have a history of function, there is also a place in design as well.  Mirrors will always have an important job to do, but they can also be used to enhance your home décor. There are so many kinds of mirrors to choose from such as vanity mirrors, framed mirrors and mirror backsplash for kitchen. Mirrors are a very important part of any home, but how you use them is determined by your personal tastes in design.  ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can help to customize your wall mirrors for any area of your home.  All you have to do is give us a call at 703-257-7150 to schedule or consultation!!! - 

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