Vanity Mirrors – Today’s Trending Styles

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, February 29, 2016)

vanity mirrorsIn a beautiful photo gallery - Houzz illustrates some of the hottest styles for vanity mirrors. Trending looks range from shabby chic to glamorous, but mirror glass has an important role to play in every bathroom. Here are some takeaways from the Houzz gallery along with information on how ABC can help you keep up with the latest fashions in interior design.

Frames Can Set the Tone

A framed mirror is the ticket for a number of bathroom styles. Frames can be ornate or simple, but they always turn up the visual impact of a vanity mirror.

ABC has teamed up with MirrorMate to offer you frames that can be added to many existing mirrors as well as “Custom Frame” which involves ordering both new mirror glass and your choice of frame.

Custom Mirrors Let You Create a Unique Look

Custom mirrors allow a homeowner to use mirror glass to cover a wall space with unusual dimensions. Also, custom mirrors are available in many shapes beyond the standard rectangle, square, and oval.


For instance, Houzz features a picture of a bathroom with two vanity mirrors – one square….and the other a circle, which gives the space a modern, but personalized look.


Our line of custom mirrors makes it possible to have more mirror space in a small or irregularly shaped bathroom. Furthermore, a wide range of special shapes can be created, including –


   •    Circle
   •    Half-circle
   •    Tear drop
   •    Triangle
   •    Diamond
   •    L-shaped

   •    Asymmetrical


Pair Bold Walls with Simple Mirrors


Two of the pictured bathrooms demonstrate that simplistic vanity mirrors are great partners for walls with lots of personality! One bathroom includes black and white patterned wallpaper behind mirrors edged with J-channel, while another has walls made of large gray bricks adorned with polished edge vanity mirrors.


To meet the needs of our clients who want sleek, understated mirror accents, we offer polished edge mirrors, beveled mirrors, stand-off installation, J-channel, and L-bar.


Whether your bathroom style is traditional, modern, transitional, shabby chic, or glam, ABC is here to help with expert tips and insights as well as a full line of glass products, including –


   •    Vanity mirrors
   •    Glass shower doors and enclosures
   •    Glass partitions
   •    Glass backsplashes
   •    Replacement glass for bathroom windows
   •    And more!


To arrange a free in-home consultation and quote with one of our glass specialists, just call our Manassas Park shop at 703-257-7150. You bring the creative vision for your dream bathroom and we’ll bring the high quality glass and mirror needed to complete the project!


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