Use Your Dining Room to Organize Your Small Kitchen with These D├ęcor Tips

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Tuesday, August 30, 2016)

Kitchen and Dining DecorUse these décor tips to put dining room space to work for you as you organize your small kitchen. Let’s look at common organizational issues in compact kitchens and examine how you might be able to utilize your dining room to solve them.

Lack of cupboard space.
Cramped cupboards are more than just inconvenient. They can cause us to resort to stuffing the cupboard with pots, pans, or plastic containers and then quickly slamming the door shut. (Never-mind that this damages the cabinet door and leaves a booby trap for whoever opens it next……)

How can dining room space help with this situation? Some things in our kitchen cupboards are important, but not used daily or even weekly. Wedding china and specialty cookware are a few examples. Adding a hutch to your dining room does not take up much floor space, but it allows you to get this type of item out of your overcrowded kitchen cupboards.

The hutch can even allow you to show off lovely dishware instead of keeping it hidden away. Open shelves on the hutch are one option, but if you’re worried about dust buildup, try clear cabinet glass on the door fronts instead.

Counter cluttered with mail.
Finding bills and envelops all over your cutting board when you go to make a salad is beyond annoying. Moving bills into the dining room makes sense since those of us with limited living space use the dining table as a desk anyway. Purchase a mail organizer and hang it on bare wall space in your dining room, and voila! the problem is solved.

Counter doubles as a bar.
Clutter from shot glasses and cocktail shakers might be less annoying than a bill-related mess, but it still decreases the functionality of a small kitchen. Glass shelves can be used to create a convenient mini-bar on your dining room wall. Install a wall mirror behind a glass shelf and fill the shelf with your liquor bottles, glasses, and drink-making supplies. A second, deeper shelf will give you a handy surface on which to prepare the beverages.

Drawers are overflowing.
Are you jamming stacks of dish towels into your kitchen drawers? Have you run out of space for foil, plastic wrap, and sandwich bags? An old-fashioned piece of furniture known as a sideboard might solve your dilemma.

These long, low cabinets were traditionally placed in dining rooms and filled with serving dishes. However, you can buy a modern one or up-cycle a vintage one and fill it with anything from dishcloths to cookbooks! The flat top of the sideboard also gives you an extra surface. (Just don’t let it get covered with bills…..using it for making drinks would be OK!)

Moving select items from the kitchen to the dining room can call for residential glass products such as cabinet glass or glass shelves. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is available to help with this part of the project, so call 703-257-7150 today!

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