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Keeping your gym wall mirrors up-to-date and aesthetically pleasing is an important part of making Chantilly, VA residents want to join your facility. This is not, however, something you must undertake on your own. ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. is here to assist you with the products and great service that make it easy to attain success in improving your gym’s functionality and atmosphere. Our professional glaziers can guide you through each step of the procedure, helping you select the best mirrors for each part of your gym. Furthermore, customers of ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. can expect good quality, mirrors specially cut to fit properly, and polite customer service, so call (703)257-7150 today! Gym with Absent or Insufficient Mirror Wall If your gym is lacking wall mirrors or has mirrors that are too small, it may be time for a renovation. Extensive expanses of mirror glass help you to create a professional and high-end aura within your workout center. If mirrors are not present, gym members miss out on a valuable tool for keeping track of their progress as well as targeting those aspects of fitness in which they need improvement. Furthermore, it is highly doubtful that one or two small mirrors can adequately address this issue. If you want more wall mirrors or wish to make them a part of your establishment for the first time, let the friendly team at ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. help! Gym with Cracked or Chipped Wall Mirrors Gym wall mirrors no longer help Chantilly entrepreneurs make their facilities appealing if they are marred by cracks and/or chips. What’s more, these can create safety issues and lower members’ confidence in the quality of your gym. If you have damaged mirrors in your weight room, exercise classroom, or dance studio, have them replaced with new sheets of mirror glass from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. When the damaged mirrors are removed and pristine sparkling wall mirrors take their place, your space will be changed and enhanced! Gym with Wall Mirrors Installed Too Near the Floor Sometimes gym owners or managers choose to have the wall mirrors rest directly on the floor or floor trim. On the one hand, this can cut costs a little by negating the need for J-channel or L-bar. On the other hand, however, this is not the most practical choice for some workout rooms. Depending on the activities to be carried out in a given space, mirror glass that reaches down to the floor can be at risk of being kicked or otherwise struck. This can result in, not only scuffs, but even fractures. If this is a problem you are facing, consider investing in mirrors that rest on a metal support and can be installed at the height you desire. Dimension Options for Gym Wall Mirrors To accommodate the varying needs for gym wall mirrors in Chantilly, ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers a selection of size choices.

  • 4’ x 10” stock sheets of mirror glass

  • 7’ x 10’ stock sheets of mirror glass

  • Custom cut sheets of mirror glass

In planning the dimensions of your pieces of mirror glass, it is vital to be aware of the size of the entryway into the room where the mirrors are going. Make sure to choose mirrors that will fit through the doorway! Usually customers either cover a wall with as few large mirrors as possible or with an arrangement of many small mirrors. Thickness Options for Gym Wall Mirrors Most gym wall mirrors are 1/4” in thickness. If weight is a concern because a customer wants to hang the mirror glass on a wall made from a more fragile material, we can also consider –

  • 3/16” mirror glass.

  • 1/8” mirror glass.

One of our glaziers can talk to you about your project goals as well as your possible need for thinner mirror glass. Mirror Edge Options Most of the gym wall mirrors installed in Chantilly, VA facilities have polished edges. This means that there is no bevel around the perimeter of the mirror. Polished edge mirrors work best for achieving that seamless look that most gym managers want for the wall mirrors. However, there may be unique situations or other rooms that need mirrors, like your gym’s bathrooms, for example. It is helpful to know about additional edging options –

  • Beveled mirrors

  • Framed mirrors

Picking out the most appropriate edge for your mirror glass is a breeze when you have help from our expert glazing teams! Specialty Options for Wall Mirrors Gym managers might want to incorporate wall mirrors into their buildings’ entryways, childcare rooms, or dressing rooms. Some of the special choices presented by ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. are –

  • Unusual, custom mirror shapes like tear-drop or triangular.

  • Stand-out installation in which the mirror is held out from the wall by spacers.

  • Framed mirrors or frames that can be attached to your already hung mirrors.

The right special touches can make your new mirrors a focal point that enhances the bright, welcoming atmosphere of your gym. Cut-outs in Gym Wall Mirrors Cut-outs are another feature that ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. offers to customers in need of gym wall mirrors for their Chantilly exercise centers. Sometimes the wall that needs mirrors is already home to vital electrical fixtures or lighting apparatus. You don’t have to pick between your outlets and your wall mirrors! We can cut voids in the mirrors to accommodate the items already installed on your wall. This option is just one more way that your mirror glass is tailored to your unique needs and circumstances. How Gym Mirrors are Kept in Place on the Walls Often quite large and heavy, it is important for gym wall mirrors to be correctly installed. Glaziers have to address two needs when hanging these substantial mirrors. The mirror glass is kept in its place on the wall by being glued to the drywall with mirror mastic. Additionally the weight of the glass is supported by means of the surface on which it rests. This surface could be –

  • Flooring

  • Trim

  • J-channel

  • L-bar

A variety of factors will inform your choice of a bottom support for your gym walls mirrors. These include cost and the need to protect the mirror from impact. Step-by-Step to Your New Gym Wall Mirrors Step one in purchasing gym wall mirrors involves contacting ABC Glass and Mirror Inc. Chantilly, VA residents can visit our shop at 8395 B Euclid Ave. in Manassas Park or simply give us a ring at (703)257-7150. Alternatively, we’re just a few clicks away at or our contact form at We have mirror professionals on hand to discuss your needs over the phone, and our customer service personnel can schedule our visit to your establishment, so get in touch with your local, family-owned resource for stylish wall mirrors! Gym Wall Mirror Consultation This brings us to step two along the road to new gym wall mirrors – a free on-site consultation. Upon request, your gym will be visited by a glazier from our shop who will carry out a free product consultation. Elements of this helpful meeting include –

  • Q & A about wall mirrors.

  • Explanation about mirror options and extras.

  • Free quote for the mirrors and professional installation.

This complimentary conference at your center is a great way to make informed decisions about your gym-improvement project! Designing Your Gym Wall Mirrors Once you’ve decided in favor of gym wall mirrors for your Chantilly workout center, you get to design them. You’ll make selections such as –

  • What size should the sheets of mirror glass be?

  • How many pieces of mirror glass do I need?

  • Do my mirrors need cut-outs? Where? What size? What shape?

  • Should I add smaller mirrors to other rooms in the facility?

When you work with ABC, you can always ask one of our glaziers when you have a question or concern about your gym mirror project! The Installation of Your Gym Wall Mirrors When your gym wall mirrors are ready, someone from ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. will call you to make an installation appointment. At this visit, professionals will adhere the mirror glass to the wall, resting it on the support system you have selected. These glaziers can give you information about caring for and maintaining the beauty of your new wall mirrors. After the installation is complete, you and your gym members can enjoy the visual and practical benefits offered by gym mirrors! Beyond Gym Wall Mirrors You do not have to stop at gym wall mirrors when improving your Chantilly exercise center with glass. Here are some of our other products that might be useful to you –

  • Steam shower enclosures

  • Glass shower doors

  • Glass entry doors and storefronts

  • Vanity mirrors

  • Glass partitions

  • Fire-rated glass

  • Safety glass – tempered, laminated, acrylic, and polycarbonate

Our team is ready to meet your needs for professionally installed glass and mirror fixtures. To learn more about any of these items just visit, call, or connect with us online – ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc. for every mirror and glass project!


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