Upgrade Your Rec Room with a Classy Home Bar

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Monday, May 11, 2015)

That big room in your basement can be more than a place to send the kids on rainy days. Create a home bar and rec room, using high-end glass for the finishing touches. You’ll love entertaining your friends here or just relaxing with your family on the weekends! Start with any basic remodeling that’s needed to make the room comfortable and inviting, such as new flooring or a fresh coat of paint. Next, furnish the space with a comfy sofa and chairs and consider adding a pool table, air hockey table, or other game you enjoy.  

Creating a home bar will take your standard rec room to the next level of both style and functionality. Whether you’re having a cocktail party for your friends or making ice cream sodas with your kids, a rec room with a bar is a relaxing and fun venue. In addition to the bar itself, you’ll want cabinets and shelves for storing your glasses and beverages. It is also helpful to have a fridge nearby and to install a small sink behind the bar. Besides all the items you need for a convenient home bar, you can incorporate quality glass shelves and a wall mirror to ensure that your bar also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the room.

Either an unframed or framed mirror can be used behind your home bar, depending on your stylistic goals. An ornate frame around the mirror might be perfect if you want to create and Old West theme, for example. On the other hand, an unframed mirror can be utilized to give your bar a sleek modern quality. There are also a few different ways to incorporate glass shelves – 
Place a glass shelf just below the mirror so that the bottles displayed on it are also reflected in the mirror.
Use glass shelves inside cabinets. (This is even more effective if you use glass cabinet fronts.)
Install a small set of shelves near the bar.
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