Universal Design Used in Home Remodeling

    (Provided by ABC Glass & Mirror, Inc. - Thursday, May 28, 2015)

The desire for “age in place” houses has contributed to the concept of universal design in home remodeling. Universal design relates to making something – in this case, living space – accessible and useable for everyone regardless of age and ability. However, homeowners do not have to wait until they're pushing a baby stroller through the front door, supporting themselves with crutches after a sports injury, or using a walker to enjoy the benefits of universal design. These home elements are always both attractive and convenient to use, and that's a plus for everyone. However, what tips the scales in favor of universal design for some homeowners is, in fact, the desire to remain in their own houses instead of moving to assisted living facilities later in life. Given the cost of such facilities, remodeling to improve a home's accessibility can be a financially savvy move.

Accessibility and safety are important issues for bathrooms no matter who is using them. Here are a few examples of universal design ideas that modern homeowners are implementing in their bathrooms.
• Curbless walk-in shower – With this option, a family can enjoy the beauty of a glass shower enclosure as well as superb accessibility for everyone. Instead of entering the shower by stepping over a curb and pulling open a door, one simply walks through an open entry space on a surface that is uniformly level.
• Slip resistant flooring – Bathroom floors tend to get wet, especially in homes with small children, so choosing non-slip flooring both inside and outside the shower enclosure is a smart move for any household.
• Multi-functional towel bars – Properly placed towel bars can double as grab bars if needed.
Universal design remodeling choices are not confined to bathroom improvements, however. Both small and large changes to other parts of the house will further improve the home’s functionality and make aging in place more feasible. Popular alterations include –
• Rocker light switches and motion-sensing lamps.
• Lever style door knobs and faucet handles.
• Wide hallways, doorways, and entryways.
• Exterior entrances with no steps, and single-story living.

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